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System installed by Sound Solutions at Philadelphia’s historic former Bookbinder Seafood House features JBL Professional Control 24CT loudspeakers and Control 19SCT subwoofers with Crown amplifiers and provides restaurant chain with hi-fi sound that customers have come to expect;

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6 thoughts on “JBL And Crown Sound System Installed In Philly Applebees – Global Sound”

  1. pretty much I would use any amp that puts out at least 1500 watts at 4 ohms per channel or two amps in bridge mode.. keep those red light off… red means stop… 8)

  2. Crown and JBL=great combo! The problem I have is that Applebees replaced one of the world’s best restaurants, Bookbinders.

  3. Wow – all in ceiling fixtures – I would have expected some trapozid Control 25s and 29s. especially since you can paint them.

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