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Janette Slack testing Pioneer CDJ 2000 prototypes

During the Pink Armada tour with 3 fellow hot chick DJs, we had the honour to be one of the first to try out the CDJ2000’s. And very yummy there are too! The loop function has improved massively. Hot cue buttons are wider so give you user friendly interaction. Tracks can be run not just with CD, but with DVD, USB, and SD card. So you don’t have to worry about being over weight with luggage when touring. So nice to travel lightly. We’ve come a long way since vinyl. However, the weight lifting during my vinyl days made me a mini weight lifter and stronger. This is just a little snippet on playing on the beauties. However, sadly only a front view. The cameraman at the back was taking more interesting footage, so will upload that soon once I get my hands on it!
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www.djsounds.com Trance hero John 00 Fleming shows DJsounds round his current DJ rider consisting of the CDJ-2000s, rekordbox and DJM-2000. On the stage at the Concorde 2 in Brighton before the start of his J00F sessions night, John shows us how he’s playing off rekordbox and the CDJ’s using Pro DJ Link. He stresses the importance of organising your set in rekordbox and how the DJM-2000 brings the whole system together. The transition from CD to USB can be quite a challenge but Jon tells us how the new CDJ’s and rekordbox actually make it very easy. We will be catching up with John for a more thorough, in depth chat shortly where he tells us just what is wrong with producer-DJs and the Trance scene.
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  1. – haha! thanks. I still feel like I do look a bit silly when i see myself DJ. I feel sorry for those who are watching! Maybe I should try the moody dj look, that might work better!

  2. – credits are at the end of the video i made a bit of a mistake. But it’s The Plump DJs ‘The Re-Off’ out on Fingerlickin; records! xx

  3. – Thanks Hitman! Check out the other videos with me working in the studio and doing other geeky stuff. :)x

  4. Cheers for the compliment HuayKwang Boy, I don’t think I can dance very well at all! So hive for that!

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  5. Hey guys, just a quick question about the link that John is using for his set (When he drags the song on Rekordbox onto the player). Is this only possible with a DJM 2000 because of this ‘hub’ that it has? Or is it possible to do with all Rekordbox products? May seem like a dumb or common question but an answer would be appreciated! 🙂 Been trying to find an answer to this for ages!

  6. I was just wandering if you could link me or share some info to get the similar working for me. I have cdj900s, now i believe you can do the same with a switch or hub in place of the mixer? How would i go about this? Thanks.

  7. what if there isnt a mixer? how can the CDJ be connected to laptop? and r there anything extra that is required besides rekordbox? no extra installation required it will just be recognized?

  8. All the CDJ’s are connected to the mixer via ethernet (Pro DJ Link), he then connects his laptop to the mixer via ethernet.

  9. so what i need is just 1 usb from either the cdj or djm to the computer and link everything together right?

  10. Brilliant. And AMAZING for creative live performances. JUST LOVE the progress of Pioneer. I can guarantee in 3-4 years we’ll be draggin and dropping tracks by touch-screen from private e-Clouds ;)))))

  11. I really enjoy that setup, LAN connections through DJM 2000 is really useful… but i can’t afford 2 CDJ 2000 (or even 850) and the Mixer… well, i guess i just have to save money for 10 years 🙁

  12. i’m not afraid for the stik, usb, hdd, i’m afraid for the 8302 errors, freazing and master tempo. i’ve paid 3000+ for my cdj so i’m a bit frustraded.

  13. that’s the way it should work. sadly u have to have the top end gear to get full funcionality of rekordbox. I have the CDJ 850 + DJM 700, so it only works with USB sticks. But still great and way better than burning tons of cds.

  14. Great walk through video from a DJ that actually uses the kit.
    Really well explained.

    Thanks Jon 00

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