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17 thoughts on “Information on an audio Compressor DBX 266XL – Global Sound”

  1. hey Jonathan! DBX compressor gat: 166XL,166A, 266XL and 266A ?? which one do I need for my DJ system????? thankyou!!:) Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you again

  2. Jonathan! which the better compressor dbx 266A or dbx 226XL? Please tell how to install it to a mixer, what go first? i have an EQ and DBX compressor . Compressor goes before or affter EQ. i like to have EQ and sound compressor to my system(DJ).  Thank you:)

  3. Hey how r u? Hope all is well!
    I just got a DBX Driverack 260 and I would like to have some help with setting up the compressor/limiter…..Can u please help with the settings, what do u thing is best?

  4. Thanks…. How should I connect: a BBE, DBX 266xl, EQ and Aphex 104 Excitor. If a DJ. using powered speakers?

  5. hey i just bought one of these and i can’t seem to get it to do the things that my old compressor did… i know its cuz im not setting it right! maybe u can help, on my old one i had the sensitivity to 100 and output level to 100, thse r th only 2 controls on the old one, i used it to bring the input level of my guitar to the amp up so i don’t have to pick so hard in live applications, to keep arm endurance at a max, any ideas on how to use this like my old line 6 one?

  6. does anyone have tips for good voical setting i no it depends on the style and alot of factors so im not looking for a right and wrong way just looking for tips if anyone has any on getting a crisp controled voical,,,,,

  7. whats the diff between a 166XL and 266? Oddluy- the 166 seem MORE expensive on EBAY than the 266? Usually HIGHER n umbers are better- like THIS ONE GOES TO 11 !

  8. Would you recommend that someone buy a LexiconMX200 Effects Processor or a DBX 266XL first? I already have an interface that connects my AKG 120 perception condenser mic to my computer that runs on cubase but the sound is dull. Wouldn’t a compressor make my music sound better or should I go with the effects processor? any advice would be appreciated.

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