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How to set cue points on the Pioneer CDJ-1000. In this video i give you a step by step guide on how to set the cue points on the Pioneer cdj1000

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15 thoughts on “How to set cue points on the Pioneer CDJ-1000 – Global Sound”

  1. is possible with the new cdj 2000 and recordbox. recordbox is the programm of pioneer wich contains your music files. in recordbox you can set cuepoints and play them at the cdj 2000. just search for it here on yt

  2. Alright mate, I dont have cdj’s myself but apparently there’s an “auto cue” button on them, just switch that on or off as you need. Saw this in a video about the 800’s. Peace & keep spinnin!


    hi j* question ! ! when i put a cd on a cdjs 400 they start to play by themself …how do i change that?

  4. hey, am kinda curious about something!
    I’ve watched a video couple of days ago about a DJ, who mention that he always programme the cue points for his tracks before he plays his night.
    my question: it is a software which can set a cue points for his tracks?
    and, if he does so. Will all the CDJ players recognize the cue points for each one of his tracks?

    I should have asked him personally :P. but, it’s kinda impossible to meet him up.

  5. Dead Mr. Ellaskins,
    Say i were to Set a cue point (A) for a song on DISC A and i wanted to set a cue point on (B) for a song on DISC B, would i be able to do so, as in take DISC A out of the cd player and pop in DISC B to set the cue point (B) with the cd player memorizing the cue point i set for DISC A ..or is that impossible ?

    (i hope that made sense)

  6. i saw the scratch perverts doing that, nicking the bass drum off one track, snare off another, whilst the other two were on the decks scratching it up. looks like a fun way of ‘jamming’ two songs together!

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