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How to Sell My Music Online

There are a plethora of places where you can offer your music for sale and effectively market your songs to a global audience. Everything from ring tones, mp3 downloads and CD sales are possible with a few simple keystrokes.

The easiest and most cost effective way to sell your music online is by offering mp3 downloads. By creating a website where the music files are available for download and adding a checkout page where your visitors can pay to download your music, you have created a marketplace for your music with very low overhead costs as you will not need to ship anything or pay for supplies like CD’s and packaging. To enhance the effectiveness of your website, be sure to include an embedded media player where people can preview your songs before they make a purchase.

A second method of selling your music online is by promoting sales of your CD. Like the mp3 downloads, you will want to offer a secure checkout with easy payment options. By creating an input form for shipping information on the site, you can automate the process of shipping by printing mailing labels. Checkout sites like PayPal make this easy by offering this capability already built into their secure checkout system.

Finally, an often overlooked area of selling your music online is the ring tone market. If your song has a catchy rhythm or lyrics, consider using audio editing software to make a small clip for fans who want to hear your sound every time their cell phone rings. There are many great sites where users can share their ring tones for sale and the majority of them will convert your clip into the correct formats for the various cell phone models when you upload the song.

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