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How To Save 00 – 00 On Your 2008 Summer Vacation

The 2008 Summer Vacation season is almost upon us. As soon as Memorial Day hits, everyone goes into vacation mode.

The kids will be out of school and can’t wait to get out of the house and experience interesting and special places with the family to make those lifelong memories and “kodak moments”.

Maybe you are planning a “road trip” ala Chevy Chase taking the family across country? Or maybe you are just going a couple hundred miles away to a beautiful campground and will tent outside, tube and fish in the river and try to avoid the bears and mosquitoes?

For many summer vacationers, their ideal summer travel trip involves getting away for about 7-8 days and staying in condo rentals.

In case you did not know, hotels are out and condo stays are in!

Renting a condo for a week is very affordable, and actually can be much cheaper than just renting a boxy and stiff hotel room with no cool amenities for the kids and that annoying rattling air conditioner machine that keeps you awake at night, sounding like a Harley Davidson and leaving a pool of sticky condensation on the floor.

The days of staying in dingy and dirty hotel rooms are over.

Welcome to the new style of summer vacations – week long stays in luxury 4 and 5 star condo timeshare resorts, without the timeshare ownership prices, or high pressure tours!

Here is the current situation… with the economy being as bad as it is, many people who own timeshares are deciding to skip the vacation this year and are putting their timeshare week for ‘rent’ by letting the exchange networks find renters for them. And that’s a good thing for the savvy vacationer. There is a lot of inventory available for the 2008 summer season.

I’ve found that with certain travel and vacation clubs, like Global Resorts Network, one can get one of these 5 star condo weeks starting as low as $ 298 for the whole week. Some even are going for $ 99 for the ENTIRE WEEK!

That’s $ 298 for the WHOLE FAMILY, not person or per night, which saves a family $ 1000-$ 2000 off compared to buying from the online brokers who charge such high fees.

These condos usually sleep 4-8 people comfortably, with 1 or 2 bedrooms, full living rooms with big screen TV’s, full kitchens stocked with everything you need from home to make a great meal, dinning areas, washer and dryer, 1 or 2 bathrooms, Jacuzzi hot tubs in the master suite, balconies, king sized beds and the resort rec room and pool to play in, which will give the kids plenty of fun, while mom and dad use the exercise rooms or the resort spas.

Doesn’t that sound like your ideal vacation paradise? A real home away from home, instead of a ‘box.’

Since summer is just around the corner, the smart 2008 summer vacation planner starts making plans now to save thousands of dollars by booking early and getting the ‘hot weeks’ before they get snatched up by others.

Luxury 5 star condos starting at $ 298 per week is the ideal way to save money, while getting away from home this summer with the family, and only a membership in the exclusive travel club with Global Resorts Network will give you these special benefits, with your membership purchase.

Once you stay in a condo resort, you’ll never want to take the kids to a hotel ever again.

Jeff Mills is a former Youth Pastor of 9 years, who is now a full time internet information entrepreneur, book author, speaker, sales coach, and also an avid traveler. Jeff has passionately pursued seeking the best discount travel clubs and has discovered Global Resorts Network Sales Center to be the top of the heap, saving members up to 75% off their condo trips for life. Discover how you can travel and earn 00 in commissions immediately at my global sales website for a fantastic work from home career or a great travel club bargain, and there is no selling! We close your sales for you with our Global Resorts Network Sales Center opportunity.

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