How To Recover an Outlook Express DBX File

How To Recover an Outlook Express DBX File

The article describes how to recover the lost or destroyed DBX files in Outlook Express. The Microsoft email client stores the entire data namely emails, attachments, contacts etc. in.dbx files. The methods compiled here are reliable and correct to the date. However, it is advised that these should be followed carefully to avoid running into problems. Besides, it will save your precious time as well as money that would indeed be wasted searching for Outlook Express support or Microsoft support options.


Before beginning, you must understand that it is not possible to recover these files manually as the data lies somewhere on the hard drive after it has corrupted or has been accidentally removed. Thus, the only solution is to recover it using a software program that can read hard drive and bring up the data within some time.

There are various free or paid software tools available online. Some of these include Easy Outlook Express Repair, MailNavigator, PDS DBX recovery software, Outlook Express Restore Tool, and Recovery Toolbox for Outlook Express among others. You can either download a demo or full version of these tools.

All the tools have somewhat different or same features. Some of these can even convert your files to MS Outlook, Outlook Express, or Thunderbird files besides repairing the damaged.dbx files. Once you are done reviewing and checking what tool needs to be downloaded, visit its official website or a torrent but safe one and download it.

Click on the Save File button to save it. Choose a location like Desktop to save it. Otherwise, the tool will automatically be saved to the Downloads folder. When done, browse to the location, locate the file and open it by clicking on its icon. Hit the Run button to initiate the setup.exe file. Follow the onscreen prompts and complete the installation.

When finished, open the tool and check for different options and use them to repair and/or recover the damage Outlook Express files. If you need help with the tool, then visit the website where it was downloaded from and go through the instructions. You can also take a printout of the instructions in order to save yourself from switching between the browser and Outlook Express windows.

When the recovery process has finished, check that all your Outlook Express data is in place. Exit all the windows and reboot your computer. This is not usually needed until you are prompted to do so.

Additional Tips:

It is always recommended to backup your entire data on a regular basis. This saves you from the hassles of downloading and running different software to recover the crucial data. Besides, it saves you a great deal of time and money that are usually spent on looking for different support options.

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