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Miking a drum kit for a live performance, minimalist set up with the shure drum microphone kit.

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  1. all the xlr cables are going to a sounddesk where you can equalize all your mics seperatly. That sounddesk could have an amp built in.

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    Overheads are actually the most important mics for recording drums. For live performance, i use just 2 overheads and a bassdrum mic and it sounds awsome! For studiorecording i use also the snare and tom mics. The overheads will get your kit sounding really full and professional in the studio!

    There are seperate mics for recording cymbals but working with just the overheads is already very satisfieing!

  3. condensers are primmary for cymbals..acoustic guitars and some for vocals……(im not saying its just for that…)

  4. simplyunclassifiable

    Buy a mixer. You plug all the cables into a mixer and the mixer creates one sound from all the instruments. The Behringer Xenyx mixers are cheap and get the job done. You’ll need one more cable to put it into your output source (computer, amp, speakers).

  5. This may sound like a stupid question, but I’m new to drums and need an answer a.s.a.p. please.

    When you mic drums do you only get the good through a computer or is there something you can buy to plug it in too an guitar amplifier?

    And when I play will hear my drums the way they are or the drum mic effect?

    please if you know and are 100% please reply

  6. when using them live yes it makes them louder…but when when recording with them you mic each drum and run them into a mixer or preamp interface and into a computer. there you can edit and add eq’s to each individual drum or cymbal differently…you can make crappy sounding drums pretty good(if your drums sound crappy…mine don’t)

  7. im looking at a peavey pv8, but you might need the next one up since you use a 5 piece. i play a 4

  8. If you are planning to purchase any mics it is best to hear them in a real situation, not compressed to death via Youtube.

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