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How to Make Money Selling Your Music Online

With the competitiveness of the music industry, finding an outlet to sell your music can be very difficult. The little retailers can’t afford to pay you for your music. The big record companies don’t even know your name. Sometimes, it can leave you feeling like you are stuck in the drain watching your music career swirl past you.

Fortunately, there is another option that levels the playing field. The digital world of the Internet cares little about the restrictions of the natural world. If you question this, try Internet dating. When a 300 pound man can convince women that he is Fabio, it’s not a far reach to see how the Internet can create a place where the local band can become the next global sound.

To play the game of selling your music online successfully, you need to have the right tools for the job. First and foremost, you need a quality website. You want your bands website to look professionally designed. This means the links should be clearly seen, making the site easier to navigate, and the page should have a good aesthetic quality, leading your visitors eyes to logical points on the page.

Your bands website will also need to be clear in its statement. Have an embedded media player on your band websites front page, playing clips from your recordings or the whole song. While you don’t want to put “Music For Sale” on your home page, you do want it to be clear that your band offers CD’s or music downloads on the site. Using a sidebar navigation menu with buttons pointing to the various pages of your site is a great way to do this. Link one of these buttons to your downloads page or order form with a phrase like, “Get Your mp3 Here” or “Buy the CD”.

On your downloads and order forms, offer easy payment options. PayPal is one of the best things to ever find it’s way onto the Internet. Why? Because it allows people from around the globe to quickly and easily exchange their local currency for the goods they wish to receive. This local currency is then converted into the local currency of the seller without hassle. By creating a business account on PayPal for yourself or your band, you can even accept credit cards and electronic checks as payment for your music. You can then use this money to make payments online or get a PayPal debit card to access your money from any ATM or store that accepts VISA credit cards. Using PayPal as the preferred method of payment on your website is even easier as the tools section of the PayPal site offers assistance in creating the “Pay with PayPal” checkout buttons, so you don’t have to be a web programmer to build a professional and secure checkout system to sell your music online.

Promotion is the other key element of selling your music online. Using forum posts to point traffic to your main website is a great way to attract visitors. Even better, create YouTube video with your bands musical performances and, using a video editor, add a rolling line of credits with the URL of your website and something like “Get Your Copy Here”. To make it easier for your YouTube visitors to find your site, make sure to include the URL and a buy it here link in the video description as well.

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