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In this video I teach you how to install the PIONEER DJC-800RV ROTARY KNOB KIT…it’s fairly easy, but key things, take off any jewelry, and be very careful with your items….DO NOT TOUCH THE CIRCUIT BOARD UNDERNEATH. Also, once you are done installing your rotary knob kit, you can save your faders for later use, or you can just sell em to make some extra money! 😀 Enjoy! This is for the Dj Tutor Tracklist: Deadmau5 ft Billy Newton Davis – I Like Your Music (Original mix)
Video Rating: 4 / 5

This is my first attemt at recording my mixing. Apologies for the poor sound quality. I’ve spent all my spare money on my setup so a new camera will have to wait a while!

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34 thoughts on “HOW TO INSTALL PIONEER DJC-800 RV ROTARY KNOB KIT ON DJM 800 – Global Sound”

  1. from what I understand it was made only for the DJM 800, you can check Pioneer Pro’s forums just incase HTH Peace

  2. this mixer was made for rotaries instead of faders.. ive owned this beast for 2 years.. i take it with me everywhere and when i travel I demand it in my rider .. this mixer is made more for house music Dj’s rather than hiphop dj’s.. hiphop music is more cutting and dropping where dance, house, and electro require more seamless transitions.. the rotaries allow better volume control when blending.. and all the faders on this mixer are VCA faders.. which means they suck.. u need non contact faders

  3. Out of curiosity, why would you prefer rotary knobs over up and down sliders?  I guess that would be fine as long as the cross fader isn’t replaced with one of those antique knobs.

  4. Thank you for all your dedication and vids. It has really helped all of us dj’s from all levels and all parts of the world out in some way or another.

  5. roll effect;) of my favourites also..ive d same setup as u more r less ive 2 technics 1210smk2 2 cdj1000 and an m800..keep up d mixin fair play man..ill upload a vid of me mixin soon sho u hw its duz:P

  6. very nice set up there dude! I like the way you have crafted your table for your equipment too…very nice.

  7. Niiiice mixing dude! 😀 exellent!
    But you have to do something about the soundquality :D!

    More mixes please! And a tracklist btw 😀

  8. I will be unploading better sounding videos shortly. I’m just in the middle of getting the equipment…


    pends what ur gonna use em for really dude . . . if ur just starting out then the 600 ive used one its an extremely good mixer, but if uve got cash to burn and want the latest stuff out then the 800 which i havnt used as of yet but am sure its great

  10. Hey D0dgyGuy
    nice eqip und nice mix/music.
    is it possible to upload a detailed playlist? artist – track (remix)?
    keep on mixing and uploading pls

  11. yo man ur the man….. sickkkk CDJ-1000s lol
    which is better to Get the DJM-600 or 800 i dunno lmao .. holla me back

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