How to Find the Zoom H4N at Discount Price

How to Find the Zoom H4N at Discount Price

Zoom H4N Discount

Are you looking for a Zoom H4n discount price? You’re not alone – this amazing hand held recorder has taken peoples imagination by storm. I’ve written this article to help you decide if the H4N is for you and then show you where to find an H4N zoom recorder at the best price available.

The technology used to record music or sound has come a long way in the last few years – who would have believed that we would now be able to fit an entire 4 track recording studio in our back pocket – well we can now!

Why is the Zoom H4N so popular?

The original H4 set new standards in mobile sound recording, this was followed by the H2 and now, the H4N has arrived and offers you the chance to make truly professional sounding recordings with ease using a gadget that you can take anywhere. This digital recorder has the ability to record on 4 separate tracks – you can even hook up a couple of external mics to give you a really wide field of coverage – or you could use the two on board mics combined with a feed from a mixing desk to give you the best sounding live concert recordings you’ve heard without a multi thousand dollar recording system.

We tried recording a live gig and fed the main left and right channels from our Soundcraft mixer into the recorder and used the built in microphones at the same time – this gave us four tracks to play with and the results were awesome! It sounded like the Rolling Stones mobile had done the job for us!!

I know the Zoom is proving very popular amongst radio and newspaper journalists as its quick to get going, the quality is broadcast standard and it’s easy to carry.

Some of the main features of this gadget are:

Large LCD screen and intuitive interface make using the recorder easy
Stereo recording, four track or four channel multi track recording
Built in stereo mics for 90 or 120 degree recording
External mics and line inputs
Built in SD memory card slot takes up to 32 gb card
24 bit High resolution audio capture with USB for direct connection and download to your computer
Stamina mode allowing up to 11 hours continuous recording time
So where do you get the Zoom H4n at discount price?

There are many stores on the web claiming to be the cheapest suppliers, however, you need to be able to weigh up the best deal allowing for delivery costs and the inclusion of extras that may come in the package.

You need to know how to find the best place to buy your digital sound recorder.

Find the best price for this revolutionary digital recorder here: Zoom H4N Discount.

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