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How Music Elevates Spirituality

Spiritual music is music that elevates our consciousness and helps us to meditate. Thus, the discussion of how music elevates spirituality begins.

Spiritual music communicates directly to the soul and affects us on a subtle and often unconscious level. This is music that has somewhat of the same sound, though it is usually described as music that reflects a spiritual belief.

This type of music can be a valuable aid to meditation and is a particular kind of music that helps in the establishment of divine bonds. It assists in the meditation, healing and relaxation of the soul.

Spiritual music offers pulses with global rhythm, sweet melodies and heartfelt devotion that invokes the heart and lifts the spirit. It is often composed by people who have already reached higher levels of spiritual upliftment who understand that music can be something that heals and soothes the heart and mind.

It is music that facilitates an easy way to inspire people to meditate; as music and religion are for the seekers, for the music-lovers, for the truth-servers because it can express and connect with the deepest parts of us and has been part of spirituality since the beginning of human culture.

Music is currently being used in a spiritual sense by music therapists and clinical interventions in process-centered ways to garner outcomes that help clients improve, maintain, and restore a state of optimal well-being.

This is the voice of the human spirit and only loses its freedom by being subject to the laws of technique. However, mystics in their sacred music, regardless of the worlds praise, free both their composition and improvisations from the limitations of technicality. Music, in much the same way, has been handed down by musicians from generation to generation.

Spiritual music can inspire non-spiritual listeners in the same way that God inspires unaspiring humanity. God Himself is the Supreme Musician and each human being is a note in His cosmic Game. God is playing His cosmic role in mankind through music.

Song styles can include contemporary folk, boogie-woogie, lullaby, blues, swing, jazz, new age, and others. However, style does not matter because mind is an aggregate of all life experiences be it pain, pleasure, hurt, anger, joy or anxiety. Whatever, the feeling, spiritual music reaches out to soothe all emotions.

American Negro spirituals are religious folk songs of American origin, particularly associated with African-American Protestants of the southern United States. African tradition also included polyphonic and choral singing. Soulful music is a form of aspiration, a form of meditation.

Spirituals are primarily expressions of religious faith, originated by African slaves in the United States. They uplift in times of crisis, heal, comfort, inspire and instill hopes and dreams, thereby transforming individuals, communities, and whole societies.

Spirituals Medleys are songs that could be heard out in the cotton fields of the Old South and were created over a 200-year period, but not until after the Civil War were most Americans aware of their existence.

Spirituals can be divided into three categories: “Deep River,” “Balm in Gilead,” and “Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child” and are suffused with feelings of self pity and a longing for change.

Negro spirituals were considered mainly as traditional songs and were the first uniquely American music to come out of this country. Negro spirituals are American’s first great musical contribution to the world. All of these variations are how music elevates spirituality.

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