How Can I Mix Club House Music?

How Can I Mix Club House Music?

You can really take any number of approaches to mixing music. It depends on your style and the DJ equipment you are using.

Remember you can’t use just any DJ equipment. You need professional grade DJ equipment. When you are mixing music like club and house having the right gear can make your mixes sound incredible.

Here are some steps to take when mixing club and house music.

You might have read these steps in another article but they are worth repeating here because you really need to master some basic things or else your mixes might sound sloppy.

Get the right gear.

When it comes to getting the right gear for mixing club and house music you need a good mixer.

Don’t get a two channel mixer. That is really for the turntablists DJ’s.

What you need is at least a three channel mixers with effects, loop feature, beats per minute (BPM) counter and three band equalizer.

I suggest you get, at a minimum, in the way of mixers is the Pioneer DJM-600.

It is a four channel mixer with an auto BPM, onboard effects, adjustable fader curve and sampler. A four channel mixer has four faders on it like the Pioneer DJM 800

It has four up/down faders and one master fader the moves left and right. The master fader mixers two of your four channels at any one time but not all four.

Onboard effects means the mixer comes with effects built right in. This means you do not have to buy a separate effects unit when you want to add effects to your mixes.

When you have an adjustable fader curve on your mixer this mean that you have the ability to adjust how hard or soft your fader cuts the music out. For example, if you want a smooth clean mix between songs then you most like want to adjust the fader to a softer or smooth curve.

If you ware scratching then you’ll want to have a hard curve or have the fader set to cut the music off quickly. This makes your scratch and cuts sound sharper.

A sampler gives you the ability to sample the music you are playing and loop it. Sometimes this is done to extend the life of the song when the crowd is really into it and it also frees up your deck to you can cue the next song.

Pioneer’s mixers have simply become untouchable with the clean sounding mixes that come from their DJ mixers.

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