Hot Blonde Dancing With Bag and People – Global Sound

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Hot Blonde Dancing With Bag and People
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This hot blonde was dancing with a white bag at my local techno club. This picture was created for my flashy friend and can be used for FREE.

The people around her are very tired as same as this blond woman is.

The background music is a remix from Madonna or so ?

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background music
Image by nick see
i was invited to view a picture by Just call me Jac of him when he was a tiny whippersnapper and offered an excuse to post a picture of myself before the age of ten. i don’t know how old I am here…i’d guess two-ish. anyway, if your name is below (or not), feel free to post a picture of yourself at an age less than ten and have others look at it and make comments.

…it started early. i still have that joint…but i don’t usually break it out too often. i did break out a little tom drum i have the other day and started beatin’ on it like a hippie and my little niece started dancin’ around…it was like a touch of asheville right here in waterbury. made me smile.

oh, this post is due to a tag. because of my neglect of flickr, i can’t say for sure that these people haven’t already been tagged…but I will get around to checking out your stream soon. promise. play if you wanna…i understand if you don’t. i’m going out on a limb and not flickr mailing people..i guess they only find out about their duty if they red this:

(in the order that flickr deems appropriate — apparently LIFO)
georgia.robob – you seem fun
ineedabettername – i agree
yugoroyd – i love your stream
CHELKYLE – i feel like i was mean to you
CarlaCarlaCarlaCarlaCarlaCarlaCarla – i could do this all day
snapclicktripod – i still love that fancy hoodie buddy icon.
toasty – you were in waterbury or maybe just my head
ailie[star] – think we’d be homies if we knew each other in RL. dunno why.
andi[heart] – talk about dedication
cellardoorphotography – you are always a background on my computer
sabrina banta – your pictures are gorgeous and your name reminds me of a coworker i loved.
scrabble. – periods in names are hxc
simplesee – comics make me smile
garylr – we still have a date in downtown waterbury
case photography – tiny jc would be so cute
Mrs. Jenkins – what is your maiden name?
jah-kay – an even tinier, cuter you would be funny
capella – you owe me money
veggielime – nice scarf
amusable – pigtails is hot
lindsay shoemake – i’m jealous and where is the ‘r’. i’m sure it was there in history
ashe-villain – hows the mountains?
mkd – i need to call you
dealsnphotos – miss you, pops.

i tagged loads of folks. but i’m sure most people won’t be interested…i don’t blame them. i don’t usually do this kinda thing.

hope you like the shot. i think my mom took it(?). don’t wait to be tagged to post a cute picture of yourself, now or when you were still cute, if you wanna do it. just act like you got tagged…who will know?

thanks, JCMJ <– that’s almost ‘Just Jack!’

Good Lord @Facebook. Since when did you become so intense about background music in short videos? #copyright
background music
Image by Adam Walker Cleaveland
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