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www.nevadamusic.co.uk This is a great video from Shure microphone that goes throug the basics and common problems encountered when setting up a home recording setup. Shure mics have a microphone for every application and budget and remain the top mic company in the world. Where would the world be without the SM58 ??

www.myhollywoodstar.com The Shure SM57 is known as one of the most rugged and reliable microphones ever invented. It probably is used by more professional musicians and recording studios than any other mic. It is excellent for background vocals. The singer should keep the mic 3 to 12 inches from the lips when singing. The SM57 is great for using as a microphone for almost any musical instrument. It does not have an on off switch. There is a sister mic to the SM57 which is the Shure SM58 which is considered better for use as a lead vocal microphone. It is the same price. Be on the lookout for fake lookalike copies of microphones which are not actual Shure mics. There are YouTube videos which show you how to tell the difference between real and fake Shure mics.
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  1. Usually it does not but sometimes there will be a deal with a discount applied to the mic stand and cable, but the mic itself will not be discounted. Thanks.

  2. You will have to try various mics and make your choice. I like the SM57. I also like the Behringer XM8500. Try some different mics and talk to band members who use mics and make your choice. Thanks.

  3. Yes it is good for home recordings. It needs a cable and an adapter to fit whatever it will be plugged into. Thanks.

  4. Ahh, the magic of green screen. I use the Magix Pro 14 video editor which is no longer available. They have a better version now, Pro 18 which is about $50. Thanks.

  5. MisterGuitarItalia

    Screw the mic, what I wanna know is how this dude is able to teletransport himself to various locations of the globe!

  6. Thanks. Johnny was one of my favorites. I did get to meet him in the 1960s. I am not able to reply with the Featureman channel for some reason so I am using my second channel.

  7. Great video. I’m probably going to get one of these very soon. You say i shouldnt buy it online? Im very excited now!

  8. I also have a low priced Behringer XM8500 that I like. I will try doing a mic test with it soon.

  9. Will do, thanks for the reply! Also subscribed to you. Anyway, I plan on getting that mic as soon as possible. Got a samson 3 mic pack for 50 bucks. Alright mics, but no where near what I’m looking for. Thanks again.

  10. You are welcome. The SM57 can be used for recording sax with very good results. Just adjust the distance according to the volume. Thanks.

  11. Yeah I have 2. They are pretty sturdy. Almost ever audio engineer I know of uses at least one SM57 to mic guitar amps. My uncle dropped one of mine on the cement and it didn’t even make a scratch and still sounds the same. Try doing that with a $5000.00 Neumann. I also like Jerry Reeds version of Wabash CannonBall. Ill check out that interview thanx.

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    part interview with Cliffie Stone here at YouTube where we talk about Tennessee Ernie Ford. Thanks.

  13. I didn’t know that tid bit about the presidential podium. Maybe the reason is its reliability and proximity effect.

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