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mix con efetti di akustica mix harstyle pioneer 600 pioneer 100

www.djtutor.com In this selection of tutorials wewill be looking at the fx on the DJm-600, but the general idea works with all FX on all mixers, cdj’s and pc dj programs.
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  1. depends what kind of software you want. If you want to be able to use your mp3 files straight off the computer instead of having to burn them to a CD you can buy Torq Connectiv (for around $150 used on ebay) and that works really well, + gives you a boatload of effects and allows VST plugins

  2. was thinkin about gettin one too, how are you finding it? its either th 600 or the 909 with touch screen


    Cool. I’m going to be checking these out for sure. I think I fall into the category of pressing all the buttons hahaha.

  4. man you are the best but i think you should stik to how to pa i have lernt alot from you and i am only 12

  5. DJmisplacedmarbles

    more on the differences between the different mixers in each class (price bracket) under £250 . £250 -500 .£500-750 etc etc ..please. I think this would be good for people watching your tubes and thinking about buying mixers . no favoritism just honest review like only you can do J . would be of value to the community I think.

  6. sound engineers think it’s the worst mixer ever made cause the sound quality isn’t very good

  7. FX will enhance your remix for what its worth… and even create a whole new remix if you know what you’re doing. Good video Jon

  8. Too much is never good , you’re right bout that. I think when a dj uses the effects often , people rather go nuts , cause they don’t expect it , my next mixer will defenetly have some fx on it. I feel I’m ready for that sort of mixing ! Good tutorial , again , keep ’em coming , Johnathan

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