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www.gorentals.co.nz Group 7 Toyota Hiace GO Rentals is a New Zealand Car Rental company with branches located in Auckland, Christchurch, Wellington & Queenstown servicing all airport locations at Auckland Airport, Christchurch Airport, Wellington Airport and Queenstown Airport. We operate a fleet of almost 700 rental vehicles, giving you the choice of rental cars, vans, campervans and 4 wheel drives for every occasion and every budget. We specialise in providing quality transport solutions to customers from all over the world, with no hidden costs and over ten years of experience it’s easy to see why so many people find our winning formula attractive. We promise to make your New Zealand car rental experience a memorable one and our aim is to provide all of our customers with first class friendly service, quality vehicles and excellent rates that are second to none. Hire a Car in NZ with GO Rentals you won’t be disappointed because we offer the most competitive rates in the industry. Our quality in house vehicle maintenance program means your vehicle will be in top condition for any journey you choose to begin with us. GO Rentals is doing it’s bit for the environment, where possible we will contact you electronically, we do our best to make sure you visit a clean and green New Zealand. From Australia 1800-071-857 From USA 1800-584-1330 From UK 0800-028-7840 NZ 0800-467-368 Other +64 9 525-7321 Email info@gorentals.co.nz
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Customized black on black HUMMER H2 loudest SUV ever FULL HD 1080p

This is a 2008 black on black HUMMER H2 with it´s amazing 6.2l V8 engine and 393 bhp! In this video you can see some start ups, accelerations, tunnel sounds, onboard, reactions, and driving scenes! It´s got a custom exhaust system which sounds sooo badass amazing! We had the HUMMER for 5 days and it was a looot of fun! We made people happy with that sound, we scared people with that sound and we set off alarms of other cars! It´sa rental car from www.yellowhummer.de Nürnberg! So special thanks goes to Alexander Annerl from yellowhummer Nürnberg! We had an amazing time with it, and it won´t be the last time we rent that black beast or other muscle cars from yellowhummer! Iteration factor 100%!!! Enjoy the video and thank you for watching it!!! Filmed with a Sony HDR CX 360 VE with 5.1 surround sound, I processed the video into movie look!
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24 thoughts on “GO Rentals New Zealand Car Rental – Toyota Hiace – Global Sound”

  1. i know fore real car need more food:) its amasing car and you lucky man you have art work on wheels:)

  2. So where´s the problem 😀 The owner told me like that but I guess you are right! Thank you!

  3. Only two problems. That is not a 2008 and if it is not a 2008/2009 it does not have a 6.2L engine. The easiest way to identify 2008/2009 is the dash. So that is a 6.0L with 325 HP.

    I know because I own one.

  4. Thank you for your comment mate! Yes this is definitely the loudest H2 if ever seen or had been driven by my self 😀

  5. I whish I could answer your question but it was a rental car and even the owner didn´t know what exhaust system this H2 got! I´m sry XD

  6. I´m sry, I can´t answer your question because I don´t know it, we had the car for 5 days and weren´t able to find out what exhaust system it is 😀 The owner even don´t know XD

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