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Episode 11 marks another venture to another PS2 title. For this week I’ve had to make haste with these, and I’ll explain the reason when I come through with Episode 12. Anyway, this route will take us through to TY the Tasmanian Tiger 2: Bush Rescue. I included the original in the opening video montage, but given that that was taking a long time to get to me, I thought I’d make do with the sequel for now. I see this less of a way of seeing a mascot that once ridiculed Crash, Sonic and Spyro through a malicious advertising campaign and more of a look through what kind of material Krome Studios ended up putting together. This video shows me doing two missions from the game. The first one shows me going into the Burramudgee sewers to clean it out of crocodiles, and the second one shows a boss fight against Patchy, the first boss of the entire game – some monster summoned by Fluffy, that orange lizard creature. While most of the audio outside my talking and playing the game is the same as all the other episodes to date, I ran into problems with the boss fight. I had my fight recorded well, but no sound was picked up at all for some strange reason, so for that I did some new narration and re-used “Twisted Goosewings” from the end of my Legend of Spyro GBA video as backing music. Regardless of that, I hope this gets picked up okay. Thanks a lot, and I’ll catch you soon.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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28 thoughts on “Game Rental Theater – TY the Tasmanian Tiger 2 – Global Sound”

  1. Well guess what? You’re right. I AM a girl, and congratulations for being the VERY FIRST PERSON to identify me as one at first glance. You deserve a medal from me 🙂

  2. Well, I wanted to cover that game in the reviews itself but that NEVER got dispatched. One of these days I SHOULD give Superstar Saga a ROM emulation <3

  3. Well, there are GBA equivalents to this game and the follow-up title Night of the Quinkan, which can be played through the DS.  Other than that, there aren’t any actual DS games at this time.

  4. Actually, the series was over as soon as I came back from University (though two episodes remain unpublished at this moment in time). I did contemplate actually PURCHASING Sega Superstars Tennis, though at this moment in time Mario Kart Wii and Super Smash Bros Brawl are of higher priority.

    Thanks for the notification though 🙂

  5. I am very amazed by you. You’re just awsome^_^ You know there is actually a cool game that I have on the Wii and the DS called; Sega SuperStars Tennis. It’s really fun and cool too, it’s also on the PS2 aswell, you should give try for your next Game Rental Theater. Just giving you an idea, and Sonic is in of course. Aswell as some other characters but, yeah give it a try if you have the time.^_^

  6. Well, if it’s not in your city, then do what I do and look online for it. You’ll be amazed how more common it is on Amazon or somewhere like that 😀

  7. yaaay ^-^ ty is so awesome. Somehow i like this one better than the 1st ty but i still think they all rock~

  8. when you get more into the game like when you talk to the people in the town they cuss! Ethier im hearing things or the game designers didnt intend this for kids.

  9. I love the Ty games. I buy them as they come out. Though, I’d have to say that 2 is the worst of the three and the esiast, but it’s still great. =3

  10. If you need help on bosses on this game ask me I beat them all on the GBA version and they are the same.

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