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Find New Indie Pop Music First – An Inside Look at New Music Artists For 2010!

Recently I got in touch with some friends and new indie music anoraks that were able to tell us a bit from the ‘inside’ – so here are the new indie pop music names that are expected to have a huge impact on our ears this year, organised into three neat little categories for your reading pleasure.

New Indie Music with a Touch of Electro

You will have heard teasers of this genre, set for explosion, within the more classic indie and pop songs of 2009. If you liked it, get to know names like:

Free Energy – inspired by late 1970s-early 1980s classic rock, they’ll give you the type of song you’d go on a road trip to. Think AC/DC, and Thin Lizzy
Two Door Cinema Club – a young new indie pop music trio who’ve toured with well known names like The Wombats
French Horn Rebellion – a great new electro-pop threesome featuring two brothers from Milwaukee, who’ve managed everything from recording to releasing themselves
Wild Beasts – they’ve been compared to the brilliant Maccabees and already raved about for their crazy and playful sounds, plus they’re amazing live.
Delphic – from Manchester in the UK, these guys have already had numerous appearances in top festivals and on TV. And they deserve it – creating sounds you can play over and over again, Delphic really stand out amongst the genre.
Indie Music Pop Folk – A New Genre

Again, more ‘traditional’ folk styles were even creeping into mainstream music in 2009, but is set to feature heavily throughout new indie music pop and some rock in 2010 and beyond. Hurry up and and get listening to these people for great new indie pop music with folky undertones:

Owen Pallett – previously going by the name Final Fantasy, Owen Pallett is a composer, a violinist, a singer, and an all-round great artist when it comes to fusing folk music with new indie pop music sounds
Dan Mangan – Itunes named this guy “Best New Artist” in 2009, and now Vancouver’s newest and favourite indie folk-rock artist is going global – we can’t get enough of his music.
Vandaveer – Check out the song Marianne, You’ve Done It Now. A great song on a great album, inspired by Dylan (who you’ll probably agree is one of the unofficial founders of new indie music!)
Twilight Hotel – a Canadian duo producing exciting and varied new indie pop music within their genre. From the slower songs to the more fast paced vibrant tracks, don’t miss their stuff.
Lindsey Thompson – more of a gentle sound, Lindsey’s clear vocals blend perfectly with soft melodies, and her lyrics complement her style perfectly.
New Indie Pop Rock and Punk

If the slower paces of new indie pop music don’t appeal, or your love for indie music stems from straight up punk rock, metal, and rock and roll, make sure you keep an eye on these bands: Screaming Females – although there’s actually only one Female in the band, these guys can deliver a brilliant performance consisting of passionate wailing and Jimi Hendrix inspired guitar playing

Dinosaur Feathers – you’ll definitely find something unique and lovable in new indie music if you listen to Dinosaur feathers, a trio who simply love experimenting with sound.
Evan Voytas – a young singer/songwriter from Pennsylvania, this multi-instrumental solo artist has perfected out an EP of rich and classic songs.
Internet Forever – female lead new indie music with slight rock undertones, this trio is probably the ‘gentlest’ option of the list – check out their single ‘Cover The Walls’.
So Who Is The Favourite?

I asked the indie experts who their favourites were. Although they were actually pretty protective over giving away their top choices, I managed to get one favourite new artist out of them…

Ziggiville – A playful yet passionate and energetic new indie pop punk sound comes from this British female artist. You won’t see Ziggiville in the shops yet, but you can listen to all of their new indie pop music online before your friends and download it straight away.

The experts I interviewed offer exclusive indie pop music news at ReachingMorePeople, a blog supporting new music artists, and sharing quality music.

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