fake plastic

A few nice background music images I found:

fake plastic
background music
Image by brainware3000
grindstone island

some Flickr background music.:)
background music
Image by mioi
Once upon a time, I had my own Internet radio station. I enjoyed it very much, but I had to quit, because times were changing. I loved sharing my taste in music with people from around the world, and got a lot of positive feedback. Well, I want to give it another try, via Flickr! (Broadband required. iTunes recommended. Feel free to leave comments!)

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1. Vive la Fête – Malade d’un fou
2. Chicks on Speed – Shick Shaving
3. The Go! Team – Junior Kickstart
4. Stereo Total – C’est la mort
5. Stereolab – Cadriopo
6. Camera Obscura – Keep it Clean
7. Broadcast – America’s Boy
8. Belle & Sebastian – Judy is a Dick Slap
9. Notre Dame – Comment l’amour est mort

Total Playing Time: 31 minutes 26 seconds

Some background music
background music
Image by Ubermensch Doppelganger
the problem is in jakarta, they dont believe music has to be in the background. my eardrums!