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Out now, exclusively on Beatport: bit.ly Available on other portals on September 10 Follow us: www.facebook.com www.fabioxb.com http armadamusic.com www.pinterest.com An international affair lands on the A State of Trance label. Italy’s Fabio XB, Ukraine producer Roman Sokolovsky and Tunisia’s young talent Wach join forces, on the beat beauty of ‘Eternal’. It’s won the hearts of the A State of Trance listeners, acquired the attention from the big DJ’s and trance fans and will now finally be out to do some damage to the floors. Sharing a passion for the energetic type of trance, it’s no wonder that Fabio XB, Wach and Roman Sokolovsky hand out a contagious, driven tune with warm melody, a mesmerizing break and a classic, trancy touch. ‘Eternal’ will definitely be doing its round this summer. Going for a more minimalistic and techy approach, is Fabio XB’s very own remake of this gem. For the big, peak-time moments, there’s the grotesque, piano and vocal driven Andrew Rayel remix, making it impossible not to be moved by its emotion. Tracks: Eternal (Original Mix) (07:40) Eternal (Andrew Rayel Remix) (07:42) Eternal (Fabio XB Rework) (07:42) Eternal (Radio Edit) (03:48) Eternal (Andrew Rayel Radio Edit) (04:00) Eternal (Fabio XB Rework Radio Edit) (03:44)

Tune in Tuesday, September 4th at 2 pm EST for the premiere of the official Green Day “Kill The DJ” music video on on The Warner Sound. Pre-order ¡UNO! on iTunes: smarturl.it greenday.com http twitter.com youtube.com Subscribe to The Warner Sound: goo.gl The Warner Sound on the Web: youtube.com thewarnersound.com http twitter.com

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28 thoughts on “Fabio XB & Wach vs Roman Sokolovsky – Eternal (Official Music Video) – Global Sound”

  1. cool tune,but i think that armada videos last years is just so stupid…who’s the fuckin directors lol

  2. To haters. c’mon guys! this is a GREEN DAY video! You have every single right to hate them all you want! but what i don’t understand is why some people to go to YouTube and come to a Green Day video and write these long ass comments about how much they hate them and a bunch of other bullshit about how they’ve “sold out!”! it’s a COMPLETE waste of your vaulable time! and honestly.no one really cares how much you hate them! have your own opinion. just stop wasting ur time and everyone elses time.

  3. @hobojoe2031 Could NOT agree with you more! I’m so sick and tired of everyone talking shit about them saying “they’re not punk anymore” or “they’ve sold out”…seriously people! it’s REALLY getting old! it used to offend me…now..it’s just getting annoying!! quit trying to categorize them. punk, pop punk, pop rock…who really cares?? it’s MUSIC! just enjoy it!

  4. JeffFisher JaneBowell

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  5. Of course! I said that their sound had massively changed. I think there are still little touches of the old Green Day here and there, but they had to develop and change otherwise the same old stuff gets tedious. I find their new direction is listenable though and I also think that being an elitist fan is a tad uncalled for, especially when you call people commercial music loving retards… There’s nothing wrong with enjoying a catchy tune here and there!

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  7. you lost hope for the future world because of me, wow… if i knew i this was going to effect some “random” grammar professor that badly i would have wrote it better. by the way i’m not capitalizing my letters write now because i don’t want to. your not my college professor and you sound like some old man thats all upset that his world is done but in reality your just a teenager that is TRYING WAY TO HARD to act grown up. so yea… those get caps because i’m making a point.

  8. yea yea you got me with frankenstein… but if those are really your favorite albums then you know those that the green day that blew up and the green day now are two totally different bands. commercially and song style theres a REALLY big noticeable difference.

  9. That was 20 seconds of my life that I wish I never had…
    They have
    at long last
    sold out.

    *Unless you count when they first signed to Reprise Records, but still!

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