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Global Sound – Manuel Antonio, Puntarenas, Costa Rica (PRWEB) June 18, 2012

Eco Tourism is defined as being a responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment while improving the wellbeing of local people.

The progress of Ecotourism in Costa Rica has so far been steady and continuous. Ecotourism was first heard of in the 70s during the first environmental movements, however it has a far deeper and wider worldwide impact today.

Ecotourism was first heard of in Costa Rica during the late 80s, and it soon became its main source of economic development as a follow up to its natural resources and bio diversity. To date the tourist industry brings about 2 millions people per year in the country.

Julie Dasenbrok is a writer for TED case studies, Trade Environment Database Projects; she wrote that Ecotourism is currently the fastest growing sector of the worlds largest service industry: Tourism.

Ecotourism has contributed actively to the conservation of the natural cultural heritage of Costa Rica. The country as devoted about 26% of its land to National Parks, Wildlife Reserves and protected land and sea. This is not bad for a small country measuring just 19,730 square miles!

What makes Costa Rica an excellent candidate for Ecotourism? It is of course this incredible bio diversity and natural beauty. It is one of the several countries that have embraced ecotourism as a conservation and development plan. Today the magnitude and maturity of its ecotourism industry puts it in the lead compared to neighboring developing countries, making it one of the tops ecotourism destinations of the world. It really has all it takes; apart from its biodiversity and National Parks, it has a stable democratic government, no army, and a lovely climate with great people. Costa Rica is a safe country with high standards of living, two international airports, a good infrastructure, a good education system and a public health care.

Tourists are happy to come here, and they are even happier to know they are contributing towards the conservation of the environment and sustainable living. Costa Rica has basic ingredients for the success of Ecotourism: Nature.

It is blessed with an abundance of Natural Resources like pristine beaches, mangroves, rainforests and cloud forests, a magnificent flora and fauna that mesmerize every single visitor who come here. Some never leave!

Manuel Antonio National Park is viewed as a model for ecotourism and sustainable development. It offers a unique habitat to a huge variety of flora and fauna together with some of the most beautiful Beaches of Costa Rica. It was actually declared to be one of the most beautiful national parks of the world in a new issue of Forbes Magazine, where adventure traveler and writer Matt Villano and National Park expert and Ovation Vacation President Jack Ezon helped the writing of the list of the 12 most amazing National Parks to grace the world. While it is certainly the smallest park on Forbes list, it is also the most popular, with 143,000 visitors in 2011 who came to enjoy the Beaches and National Park of Manuel Antonio.

TripAdvisor Travelers Choice Award placed it third in the world as a beach and sun destination, thanks to its Blue Flag (symbol of cleanliness and environmental care), its primary and secondary forests, its mangrove and careful residents. TripAdvisor is chosen by millions of tourists everywhere for its sound evaluations and inspirational advices.

Escape Villas, in Manuel Antonio, is without a doubt the finest choice for those who seek a successful, stress-free ecological vacation. In the days when Beach Vacation Rental was never so much in demand, these stylish villas offer elegant design, gorgeous views and locations and safety within the natural elements of this magical area. Escape Villas, designed for comfort and privacy are the perfect solution for families or groups. Submerge yourself in the splendor of one of the most beautiful places on Earth with the knowledge that you are also contributing to its preservation. Enjoy the chance to benefit from a Property in Manuel Antonio, the most proficient and sought area of Costa Rica. In 2005 Escape Villas bought a large track of primary rainforest that it has managed ever since, for the mere purpose of preserving and to compensate for the visitors and clients footprint during their stay in Costa Rica. This reserve can actually be visited; this 100 hectares reserve can be found in Damas, that is 15 minutes before Quepos on the main road. This land is treasured so that the future generation can also enjoy the magnificence of Nature and the value of Conservation. Escape Villas spokesman also explains how proud they are to have acquired this piece of land and to take part in the conservation of Costa Rica, and that additional trails are planned in the near future.

Most of the villa rentals of Escape Villas were built exclusively with the protection of the environment in mind, together with the well being of its occupants. The living rooms are bright with open air living areas thus reducing the need of air conditioning. The hot water and Jacuzzi are heated up by solar power and they have been fitted with special environmental septic system. Furthermore, they have extra insulating system with special four layers ceilings.

The garbage is automatically recycled and the occupants do not have to worry about anything, as it is automatically sorted for them.

The ecology goes further with special tours in the Manuel Antonio Park and with a guided tour of the mangroves. Horseback riding, hiking and mountain biking are all available upon request. Outside of the park there is a multitude to see and to do.

Those who like a bit of action will appreciate White Water Rafting in the Savegre River, providing Class II, III and some IV rapids that are manageable in sturdy rafts that accommodate 2 to 6 people comfortably.

For more action go to the wild and ever-changing Naranjo River White Water Rafting; this challenge trip is recommended for physically fit adventure lovers and experienced rafters who are familiar with Class III and IV rapids.

Manuel Antonio Kayaking gives you the opportunity to admire the stunning coastline of Manuel Antonio and of the National Park as you kayak in the deep blue sea.

Vanessa Alvarado, the Escape Villas administrator, points out that most visitors leave in awe of the beauty of Manuel Antonio, the natural elegance and succor together with an infinite sense of well being and peace. She also stresses that the visitors leave with the strong feeling that they have learned something; the have learned about the importance of ecology and sustainable living and how we can all play our part in protecting it; this not just because of blissful beauty of Manuel Antonio, but also because of the efforts and dedication of Escape Villas and its professional staff. There is simply nothing to compare. Escape Villas,Costa Rica Vacation Rentals, offers first class real estate and provides a program that cares and respects the environment like nowhere else, while it teaches people of the value and importance of the well being of nature, and how we can have fun and still care for it.