Enhancing Customer Experience – Background Music (BGM)

Enhancing Customer Experience – Background Music (BGM)

In addition to the ambience created by the physical environment of the restaurant, music provides a conducive surrounding for the guests to engage themselves with the music being played, as well as with each other. The waiting time of a diner is perceived to be shorter when music is played in the background. This in turn presents a positive outlook of the restaurant which in turn improves sales. Appropriately selected background music played at the right volume combined with a pleasant atmosphere and a clean environment can turn a stingy cranky customer into a big spender within minutes! The genre of music to be played greatly depends on the nature of the restaurant and the type of people expected, or wanted, during that time of the day.

Now that we are aware that restaurants can benefit, what about retail outlets? A customer queuing at a billing counter in a shop playing music has a different behavioural pattern as compared to a customer queuing in a shop without music. The customers tend to think that they have waited only for a shorter period if the kind of music played is according to their liking. Moreover, they tend to stay longer in the shop and spend more time looking at different products which they might not have bothered in the absence of good background music.

These days various cost-effective music amplifiers are available to the astute business owner wanting an energy-efficient solution to play background music in restaurants, malls, classrooms, factories etc. All you need is a smartphone, mp3 music player or an USB stick that contains the music files to be played. With its light weight, small size and easy installation, a mini amplifier is the perfect way to conceal the equipment from the eyes of customers and install in an area where it is easy to operate and maintain.

In conclusion, every shop owner or manager should at least consider installation of a system that can provide background music. Of course, its not the magic recipe for making a shop turn over more money but in a competitive market a competitive advantage can be hard to come by. Background music might just be that competitive advantage. Needless to say, one should select the music to be played carefully. Moreover, volume levels need to just right, not too loud, not too minute. Get this wrong and your potential customers might not even make it into your shop and instead turn around and make a beeline for your competitors premises.

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