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00:00 – John Dowland (1563-1626) The Earl of Essex Galliard 01:48 – Baruch Bulman (ca.1600) Pavan 06:25 – Francis Cutting (c.1550-1595/6) Greensleeves 08:42 – Thomas Morley (1557 or 1558-1602) Pavan 11:55 – Anthony Holborne (c.1545-1602) Galliard Konrad Ragossnig, Renaissance lute www.amazon.com
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CLASSICAL MUSIC for Studying #2 STUDY MUSIC Playlist Relaxing Instrumentals background for Work

#1 CLASSICAL MUSIC 2 for Studying Playlist STUDY MUSIC Relaxing PIANO Instrumentals background Soothing songs Relax Sleep Musik für ein Studium Entspannende Beruhigende Beethoven erholen schlafen リラックスプレイリストのインストゥルメンタル·スージングベートーヴ…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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47 thoughts on “English Lute Music of the Renaissance (c.1550-c.1630) – Global Sound”

  1. TheInformativeGamer

    Honestly, you’re right, I can’t imagine anybody who could sit down and argue that this is bad music, it’s very peaceful, well done, and there’s very little repetition

  2. if having the plague means that this is appealing to the ears then im sure many ppl have the plague lol 237 “likes” and only 3 “dislikes” lol you do the math here lol

  3. I love metal AND classical music. I always thought that it was rather odd to like such “clashing” genres. But then I learned that metal also came from classical music (maybe not directly). Which then made sense to everything. 🙂

  4. “I am a tactless minstrel,
    i sing off-key for coins,
    if you spot me on the street,
    please kick me in the loins.”

  5. If you don’t understand that rock wouldn’t be what it is without Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Romantic or Modern eras in the orchestral scope, then you are a very shallow and ignorant (in the best possible sense of the word) person. Listen hard to some of the Baroque-era composers (Bach is my favorite), and you can start to pick out stuff that would later develop into metal. As a matter of fact, most classic music theory is based on Bach.

  6. I heard the first piece in a very old tape adaptation of Don Quixote some fifteen-odd years ago. I’m very, very glad to have found this.

  7. I understand your disagreement. It’s not a 1 to 1 correspondence of being “same-y.” But as far as what modern music has to offer, it’s the only genre I’ve found that uses elements of composition (dynamics, tempo-change/time signaute change, etc…) in a way that is similar to classical stylings; without giving up modern methods such as electric guitars and the aggressiveness of modern music.

  8. its funny you say that. i mean I dont entirely agree with you that the music is in the same vein. but I LOVE god is an astronaut. Im not a huge fan of post-rock, but god is an astronaut is the best that I have heard. i do also like this will destroy you.

  9. I find a lot of Post-Rock to be similar. It’s not the same style, but it has the elements of being instrumental and telling a story through composition instead of lyrics. Try looking up God is an Astronaut’s All is Violent All is Bright or SleepMakesWaves’ “… and so we destroyed everything.” Their a bit more agressive than this… but it’s in the vein you thinking of. Also consider looking up This will destroy you’s The Might Rio Grande. It’s more chill. Happy hunting!

  10. That´s great too, although we played a Rhapsody song with my students, and I went back to the lyrics just because of that, and they were about medieval fantasy. I didn´t find anything unnapropiate, but you have the right to listen to anything you like. And it´s a good thing that it´s Christian music, 🙂

  11. thanks for showing me this band. i am sorry, i like the sound of it.. but the lyrics- I’m a Christian so i’d rather listen to some Christian stuff. Thanks though!

  12. As an example, listen to the Gothic Metal bands, who inspired themselves on Medieval music, and they made a great job too. You may know the band “Rhapsody”. They have a great background and do their arrangements very fine.

  13. What’s the song that stars at 9:02 called? It sounds so familiar, I keep trying to remember what I heard this in…

  14. We’re gonna have a new rock channel based on our upcoming scenic drives channel, except we are going to speed it up to 200mph and 700mph with some cool guitar driving rock. (Thrash Metal is a bit hard to find Royalty Free Music.) 😎

  15. Thrash metal is awesome but this takes real talent i really want to learn the piano. That would be cool. Well cheers from the metal heads

  16. Cool. We are picking some of the most popular Classical Music songs hoping to introduce a new generation to it. They were not called Masters for nothin’. 😉 Beethoven is still the man. 😎 See our playlists for his music .

  17. I always let my kids listen to Classical never thought I’d enjoy it…but I love it!!! Amazing sounds it truly relaxes my spirit!

  18. listening to this all night, doing coursework which needs to be in for tomoz need to stay awake lol

  19. All songs are listed in our description. The song name a new age version of • Pachelbel, Canon in D that is often used at weddings.

  20. Had to search beethoven to be sure 2:54 was fur elise. Funny how I like classical music while I’m actually a metal/dubstep head.

  21. Awesome. I plan to make a lot more. Tell your friends. Study on the Beach. 😎 Bring your own tunes or listen to ours. We aim to please.

  22. We have a “MUSIC ONLY MIX” link at the beginning of the video just for people like you who rather study in the Library instead of on the beach. Some of us like sitting on a beach with our iPods reading. 😎

  23. You’re very welcome. We listen to our fans. So, if you have any favorite Classical songs that will work with waves, please let us know.

  24. soooooooooooooo good thank you very much for this!!! i love the fact that you guys do it just for anyone to listen to and to help people thats so cool and from everyone who listens and doesnt say it again, thank you so much 🙂

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