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With This video, I try to demonstrate how we use the UA 4-FX connected to the Soundcraft Compact 4 Mixer. I BEG YOUR PARDON FOR MY POOR ENGLISH.

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6 thoughts on “EDIROL UA 4-FX connected to SOUNDCRAFT COMPACT 4 – Global Sound”

  1. That’s Simple. You Only Need to Plug it Via USB and Connect your Instrument/Mic in the Dedicated Input.

  2. The Unit comes with an application, (you can find it in “Control Panel”, with the Name “EDIROL UA-4FX”) it has the ability to change the Buffer Size, in Order to get minimum Latency.
    Sorry for the Late Reply!

  3. hi .. its joseph here. I have the same unit in my home studio but I would be really greatfull if anybody can show me an easy flow chart diagram on how to connect things around..
    thank you

  4. what the guy means is the lag you get. how can you play without getting the lag and hearing the tones you play direct and not 2 seconds later. this is really annoying for me as well.

  5. Hi There!! We probably don´t Use the Audio Interface as you do.. but There’s a Button in the bottom of your UA-4 FX Described as “Direct Monitoring”. You Need To Turn it On for the Effect. I’ll Try to Use it Like that and I’ll Reply Again Later…

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