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Global Sound – Orlando, FL (PRWEB) November 20, 2011

Two hours, five minutes, and five seconds the time it takes to mow the lawn, prepare a three-course meal, read a book, and for Kenyas Geoffrey Mutai, run the 2011 ING New York City Marathon. Earphone Solutions, earphones for running retailer, congratulates the men and women brave enough to face and finish all twenty-six miles of this years marathon.

Flavio T., Owner, Earphone Solutions, explains that many of the companys customers are runners who often provide feedback on what motivates them to run.

Music and running go hand in hand its the motivation to get you through those miles. Our team gets quite a few questions on the best earphones for running, and its a great feeling to connect runners with the right pair of earphones to get them pumped for finishing their race, says Flavio.

Approximately 45,000 runners competed in this years New York City Marathon. Race organizers are keenly aware of the power of music along the course, and a two -block long water and music station the Poland Spring Hydration Zone was enacted to motivate runners throughout the course.

NYCMarathon.org emphasizes the crucial role of entertainment along the course: More than 130 bands along the course will motivate and entertain runners and spectators alike. A special stage at Columbus Circle sponsored by United Airlines will provide inspiration for the final two-tenths of a mile, and there will be live entertainment at the finish line.

Flavio T. and the Earphone Solutions team comments on the feedback they hear from runners: Wearing earphones while running the NYC Marathon depends on personal taste theres so much entertainment along the course. But, if you hear it from our customers, you really understand how focused runners need to be, down to creating their own specific running playlists. We couldnt be more in awe of all the runners who finished the NYC Marathon, no matter what their time.

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