Earphone Solutions Ranks the Best Earphones of 2011 for iPad 2 – Global Sound

Global Sound – Orlando, FL (PRWEB) November 29, 2011

Earphone Solutions, in-ear earphones retailer, announces their list of the best earphones for use with the new iPad 2. The team behind Earphone Solutions ranked iPad 2 headphones on a variety of factors, including clarity of vocals, frequency response, surround sound, and comfort. Some of the best earphones for iPad 2 on this list are the Shure SE215 and the Westone UM3X.

The best earphones for iPad 2 on this list have some extremely thorough customer reviews to back them up and highlight both the pros and cons of each set of headphones. These reviews also help future customers make iPad headphone purchasing decisions. The Shure SE215, one of the selected earphones on the list, features feedback that includes:

I am truly impressed with these headphones, especially at this price point. These tower above most competitors in their price range, delivering balanced, nuanced sound along with very good noise isolation and a host of features that are hard to find in any other headphones, such as the detachable cord which allows you to listen to one phone at a time or to completely replace a damaged cord without buying an entirely new set, says Evan from Los Angeles on the Earphone Solutions website.

Another earphone to make the list is the Westone UM3X. Simon from Vancouver, BC, Canada noted that these earphones provide users with an overall sound quality that is ideal for listening to media, as one would on an iPad 2.

Simon notes that the UM3X sounds a lot more complete. The bass is stronger and crisper, the mids and highs are more detailed. Its a very balanced sounding head phone with no one area more emphasized than the other.

In an ongoing effort to assist shoppers, Earphone Solutions offers visitors the chance to ask a question about any of the products they carry and receive answers from both their tech support team and the whole customer community. With over 2,500 customer reviews of their high end earphones, Earphone Solutions can appropriately rank the best earphones for iPad 2 users.

About Earphone Solutions:

FMA Solutions was founded by Flavio T. in 1995 in Orlando, Florida. Coupled with HeadphoneSolutions.com and MicrophoneSolutions.com, Earphone Solutions rounds out an extensive best in ear earphones collection, including top brands like Westone earphones and Shure earphones, among others. Earphone Solutions offers an Amazon price match feature provided that the earphones are featured and sold by Amazon.