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Global Sound – Orlando, FL (PRWEB) November 25, 2011

Earphone Solutions, in-ear earphones retailer, announces their list of the 2011 top best earphones for running and sports. The Earphone Solutions team ranked the sports-oriented earphones on a checklist of factors: overall customer rating, ability to securely fit inside the ear, audio quality, and durability. Front runners include Westone 1 earphones, Westone 2 earphones, and the Shure SE215 earphones.

All of the earphones featured on their best earphones for running and sports of 2011 list were required to have customer reviews to highlight the pros and cons of each set of earphones and to help future customers make purchasing decisions. One of the selected earphones, the dual-driver Westone 2, featured feedback including:

From the moment I put these on, I knew it was money well spent. I enjoy listening to music again, I hear things I’ve been missing with other ear buds. My wife said that when I first put these on and heard music that a smile spread across my face, says Jack M. on EarphoneSolutions.com.

Shure SE215 earphones, another earphone to make the list, impressed customers like reviewer Kenny from California on their ability to stay securely within the ear while running.

It is no fun running and listening to one earbud so I ended up purchasing the Shure SE215…The formable cables and cinch mechanism do a great job of keeping the earbuds in place when running. I am very happy with these earbuds, says Kenny on EarphoneSolutions.com.

Earphone Solutions has collected over 2,500 customer reviews of their high-end earphones in order to appropriately rank the best earphones for running and sports of 2011, and displays all of the reviews on their website to assist shoppers in selecting the ideal earphones. In addition, the company boasts the ability to have real customers answer shoppers questions by emailing those questions on their behalf to customers who have previously purchased the same set of earphones.

Visit Earphone Solutions to view their list of the best earphones for running and sports of 2011.

About Earphone Solutions:

FMA Solutions was founded by Flavio T. in 1995 in Orlando, Florida. Coupled with HeadphoneSolutions.com and MicrophoneSolutions.com, Earphone Solutions rounds out an extensive best in ear earphones collection, including top brands like Westone earphones and Shure earphones, among others. Earphone Solutions offers an Amazon price match feature provided that the earphones are featured and sold by Amazon.