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Global Sound – Orlando, FL (PRWEB) November 27, 2011

Earphone Solutions, in-ear earphones retailer, is proud to announce the results of their 2011 best earphones by music type experiment. The test group was comprised of twelve music enthusiasts four females and eight males, with each volunteer listening to two songs in a variety of music genres, wearing the high-end earphone brands found on the Earphone Solutions website. The Westone 3 earphones and Westone 4 earphones were two of the in-ear earphones to take the top spots on this years list.

Listeners ranked the best earphones by music type based on several criteria, including sound quality, sound clarity, comfort inside the ear, effectiveness in blocking outside noise, and an overall balanced sound. Earphone Solutions boasts over 2,500 on-site customer reviews, and the Earphone Solutions team also considered customer reviews on the best earphones by music type when compiling the list.

Robert J. of Los Angeles, one customer to review the Westone 4 earphones, notes the sound expansion possibilities within the Westone 4.

“The first song I chose was “Into Orbit, one of my favorite high powered dance songs. The sounds that came through the line were almost like nothing I had ever heard before…the sound stage was massive, almost larger than I thought earphones could have. I could clearly hear the bass from the woofer, the vocals from the mids, and the high hat from the tweeter, cites Robert, on EarphoneSolutions.com.

Reviewer Udesh, from Indiana, cites the everyday music quality of Westone 3 Earphones, another of the earphones to top the 2011 list.

I am by no means an audio professional but a 20 year old, college attending huge music fan. I enjoy nothing more than lying under a tree and listening to some relaxing music may it be from Michael Bublee to Ratatat andor hitting the gym with some Disturbed or Avenged Sevenfold. If you want a pair of earphones that will service your every music need, the Westone 3 in-ear monitors is what you are looking for, says Udesh on EarphoneSolutions.com.

Visit Earphone Solutions to view the complete results of their 2011 test of the best earphones by music type and a full showcase of the earphones volunteers used in the experiment.

About Earphone Solutions:

FMA Solutions was founded by Flavio T. in 1995 in Orlando, Florida. Coupled with HeadphoneSolutions.com and MicrophoneSolutions.com, Earphone Solutions rounds out an extensive best in ear earphones collection, including top brands like Westone earphones and Shure earphones, among others. Earphone Solutions offers an Amazon price match feature provided that the earphones are featured and sold by Amazon.


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