Earphone Solutions Announces the Best Earphones of 2012 Rankings – Global Sound

Global Sound – Orlando, FL (PRWEB) March 29, 2012

It took 12 people, 12 songs, and a collection of the ultimate in high-end earphones by the likes of Shure, Westone, Audeo and more for Earphone Solutions to declare their Best Earphones of 2012 rankings. Earphone Solutions, online earphones retailer, holds an annual best earphones rankings panel to determine the earphones that reign supreme that year.

The Earphone Solutions team places an emphasis in ensuring the panel is as unbiased as possible, and chose 12 people 8 males and 4 females, with varying musical tastes and interests. The panel was asked to scroll through one of 12 songs while having the earbuds in their ears from Cello Concerto in A Minor to John Mayers Shadow Days.

We couldnt imagine a day gone by without listening to music, and its important to us to hear it in the highest quality possible. Thats why we go above and beyond to make the best earphones of 2012 panel unbiased and honest. Its not about the highest priced earphones its about the best earphones, explains Flavio T., Owner, Earphone Solutions.

The best earphones for 2012 panel produced an unheard of result this year three earphones took the top spot in their rankings! The Shure SE535, Westone 4R, and Audeo PFE232 all share first place due to their distinctive sound quality, comfort and ability to stay within the ear, and precision of the drivers. The Sennheiser IE80 and Westone UM3X also ranked well as runners up, giving consumers lower-priced high-end earphones, with a trade-off of a slightly reduced sound clarity.

Earphone Solutions takes earphones seriously, and their team personally tests and reviews every pair of earphones before they ever make it to their online store. In addition to being an authorized dealer, they offer a rewards program where every purchase and review earns the customer a specific amount of points, with the ability to trade the points in for gift cards. Browse Earphone Solutions for the best earphones of 2012.

About Earphone Solutions

FMA Solutions was founded by Flavio T. in 1995 in Orlando, Florida. Coupled with HeadphoneSolutions.com and MicrophoneSolutions.com, Earphone Solutions rounds out an extensive best in ear earphones collection, including top brands like Westone Earphones, Shure Earphones, Klipsch Earphones, and Beyerdynamic Headphones, among others. Browse the Best Earphones for 2012, including first place winners Shure SE535, Westone 4R, and Audeo PFE232 earphones.