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Twiddy offer OVER 230 fine beach vacation homes in Duck, North Carolina. Each community is unique and conveniently located to the great shopping & dining that Duck has to offer. Duck has a great walking path for that early morning jog or evening bike ride or just to take a stroll on and gaze at the amazing sound sunsets. Enjoy water activities such as jet ski rentals, ocean and sound kayaking, surf fishing and more. Twiddy & Company is locally owned & operated since 1978.
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Desolation Sound, British Columbia, Canada offers some of the best sea kayaking in the world. This is no idle boast! With its warm sheltered waters (72F), prolific marine wildlife and scenery ranging from towering Coast Mountains to expansive views of the Straight of Georgia and Vancouver Island, Desolation Sound is an awesome experience! Powell River Sea Kayak Ltd. is located at Desolation Sound Marine Park and offers guided multi-day tours, a full rental fleet, daily tour programs and fun instructional programs. We hope you enjoy this glimpse into our operation and welcome you to join us in Desolation! Call toll free: 1-866-617-4444

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  1. how much to come yank some starfish off the rocks? thats the most appealing part
    thats the biggest/craziest sun/starfish ive ever seen! i’m pinchin myself here!

  2. freakoutguitarsolo1

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  3. freakoutguitarsolo1

    I am an amateur mycologist, i would like to go to Desolation Sound in search of a sample tissue from a living Agarikon(mushroom man) mushroom species Formitops officionalis, that is the region that Paul Stamets found one. You can take a tissue sample without harming the mushroom, i would like to get one to help save the world of diseases just like Paul is doing. You can take the sample tissue, bring it home, grow it out on grains and sawdust mix, and use just the mycelium mass as an extract

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