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In this second clip from his CDJ-900 demo, Lars shows off the Pioneer DJM-800, providing an explanation of all the effects options included on the mixer. He discusses both the Sound Color FXs – Harmonic, Sweep, Filter, and Crush – and multiple Beat Effects as well.
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Pioneer DJM-800 Mixer www.whybuynew.co.uk

The Pioneer DJM-800 Mixer, at the top of the Pioneer DJ Mixer range sits the DJM-800 with more features than you can shake a stick at. It’s quite simply the daddy of mixers with its greatest feature being full MIDI compatibility that allows for control of software for the best creative mixing imaginable. Loaded with 4 channels with 3 band eq, crossfader curve adjust, fully assignable crossfader, 2 microphone channels, built in DSP effects with the fantastic harmonic mixing effect that accurately matches pitches that of only a cents out, LED level displays and an amazing build quality built around the DJM-1000 but with the footprint of the DJM-600.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

22 thoughts on “Dubspot :: Pioneer DJM-800 Demo”

  1. Thanks alot, never played with the DJM800 before.
    I have a gig this weekend, I know they have this mixer.
    Now I feel alot more confident on the FX!

  2. Let me see if I got it .. If I press FX and then choose like 2 or 3 effects, I’ll have those 2 or 3 effects playing at the same time ?

  3. So does the Roll and Rev Roll effect hold on to that sample and the beat continues to play or does the beat continue playing after the sample you rolled?

  4. lasersandtheirbeams

    I really like the harmonic mixing ability of the 800, but also the multiple sample slots of the 400, which the 800 seems to lack. Is there a mixer that has both of these features?

  5. to those asking below… you can use Traktor S Pro with any mixer with RCA in’s.. btw awesome video

  6. obviously he is showing what this mixer is capable of. this doesn’t imply that you have to use it

  7. Nice rape of your sound.. The mixer isn’t supposed to go in red.. Why does everybody wants to get as loud as possible with the mixer ??? Work to the zero..

  8. this is so helpful haha , not used the effects on this mixer at all and im playing at a club this friday with a djm 800 , good job 😀

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