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A few nice music images I found:

Download music from itunes for free
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199-Music is music
Image by Michael D. Dunn
I can listen to just about anything. It just depends on my mood or environment. Being in the Marine Corps I have learned to like a lot of music. I had a roommate who was from West Virginia and listened to nothing but country. That’s when I learned that country bars were a GREAT place to pick up women.

In California I was introduced to Tool.
Okinawa I learned about System of a Down.

But the funny thing is I might have picked up on all these different sounds anyway. If it sounds good I’ll listen to it. I grew up in the 80’s and 90’s. I had a lot to choose from.

Favorite 80’s group: Tears For Fears-Songs From The Big Chair

And to answer a co-workers question as to why I had Justin Timberlake on my iPod:
"Because it’s MY iPod and not yours."

and what will Mikey do for Day 200? Hmmmmmmm