Don’t Buy Pioneer CDJ 800 Before You Read This

Don’t Buy Pioneer CDJ 800 Before You Read This

Are you looking forward to getting a CDJ 800? Now you must know what you are going for and what the features it should have. So, for the people who do not know about this DJ CD player, this is a professional CD player that is a high modification of previous CDJ 200. The latest version allows the total control over the sound effects and also matches diverse tracks. In a lay man’s term, you can call it a compact disc digital audio system.

It also lets you use the loop that shifts from one level to another when you change it manually. In today’s era where you expect continuous music without any troubles, Pioneer CDJ gives you a perfect option for your DJing. If you are a professional DJ, this gives you all the provisions of playing any kind of CD. It renders a smooth platter that is easily controlled.

Whether you are a beginner or a professional DJ, the features of this digital turntable allow you an easy access to the equipment. You can easily play all the varieties of MP3, VBR or CBR at any version from CD-R to CD-RW. It has an improved jogdial which has a metallic non-slip finish for those perfect scratch performances. This pioneer mixer lets you the display of ID3 and CD-Text so that you can locate the next track on the fly, without any stopping between the tracks.

Throughout our endless hours of research, to our surprise, we found that Amazon actually have the best price ($ 680 + Free Shipping) for this professional player, for a very limited time. Just by glance at this awesome CDJ, you can pretty much know all the features it comes with. It’s very similar to CDJ 400 (which has fewer features) and CDJ 1000 (which is more advanced model). You can simply get in a in between which is CDJ 800. Unlike CDJ 800, CDJ 200 (great for Beginners) does not have the awesome scratch feature that every professional DJ need. Over all, this player is an excellent choice if you were looking for a player within your budget, yet have the entire feature every DJ needs.

If you have experienced with other CDJ before, you may not even need to open the manual which come with your player, because the switches are super user friendly and their functions are pretty much self-explained. However if this is your first one, you may find it difficult to get start on cutting those fun tracks, so this is where the manual comes handy. You can also find tons YouTube Videos, that other DJ’s shows you how to mix beats, cutting tracks, and many other sound effects. I highly recommend that you take your time on study them, this will not only help you getting the best and perfect performance, but also help you take your DJ skills to the next level.

When comparing CDJ200 and CDJ 800 in terms of jogging wheel, you can have more fun with 800, because of the extra starch feature. CDJ 800’s jogging wheel is way more sensitive than the CDJ 200. It takes couple practice to get it right. The main reason for this is the wheel is light weight, very sensitive to the motion of your finger tip. So, just listen, practice, and practice it some more to get it just perfect for your taste. Believe me, it’s a lot of fun. Over all, this is a great player for beginner and intermediate DJ’s.

For the people who are just planning for 800 version but do not have a budget, you might be okay with the 200 CDJ player. However, if you got the money, I strongly suggest you to get CDJ800. This is the right equipment with many DJ friendly hi-tech features. Once you get used to the jogging wheel motion, it becomes your best friend during performance. Mixing, cutting, and sound effects becomes so much easier, the vinyl DJ’s will be so jealous. Be a serious DJ get 800 series and practice to take your performance to your supreme level. So you can get more gigs, and get paid more.

As a companion, Pioneer HDJ-1000 DJ Headphones, is a must have along with CDJ 800. It has supreme sound quality, so you can clearly hear the base while other track is playing through your speaker. For maximum protection of your investment, we also recommend 2 X Pioneer CDJ 100/800/5000 series coffin case which has wheels and cooling fans. There are number of other cases that enhance the overall look of your Digital turntable, but I suggest that you purchase the best. The best mixer go with this set up is Pioneer DJM-400 Pro DJ Mixer, but the only downside is it has only 4 channels. For 8-channel mixer, we suggest Pioneer DJM-800 Pro DJ Mixer.

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