Does Netflix Game Rental Exist?

Does Netflix Game Rental Exist?

There has been a lot of buzz lately about Netflix game rental. Netflix of course is one of the premier outlets for online movie rental. As such, it makes sense that people are hungry to take advantage of their video game rental service. But does it really exist, and what’s the explanation behind it either way?

Right now there is no such thing as Netflix game rental, and actually there are not even plans to make such a change. Netflix is focused on providing movies, and they are leaving the online video game rentals to some of the other established companies in that field such as GameFly and Gamerang. All of their future development seems pinned to movies – from online streaming on your computer and much more.

It would really be an entirely different business plan for them, not just something you can easily pick up and add into the fold. On the one hand, they would be able to take advantage of their 100 distribution centers around the country for mailing, but they would have to buy all of those games, develop new pricing models and much more.

So why have the rumors of Netflix game rental continued on, despite the fact that the company at this time has no plans to go down that route? Well, for one thing Netflix has established a relationship working with PlayStation. Now when you use Netflix, you can stream movies straight to your PlayStation 3 and watch them on your television with the help of a free disc that they will send you.

Therefore, with an existing relationship like that between Netflix and PlayStation, it’s easy to see why some people were thinking they would dive into the world of online video game rentals. Imagine being able to rent new video game titles, or perhaps bits and pieces of them, streamed directly to your television and game console through an online service! That would be the ultimate in convenience and luxury, but for now at least it’s something that’s just not going to happen.

When you’re looking for a great video game rental service, you still have plenty of options. As mentioned, there is GameFly and Gamerang, and other services as well such as RentZero. So while Netflix game rental sounds fun, you won’t be missing out too much because there are some great, convenient and affordable plans with reputable companies that are out there today for you to take advantage of.

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