DJ Scratching Tutorial on a Pioneer CDJ-1000 mk3, Vid 1

DJ Scratching Tutorialon a Pioneer CDJ1000mk3, Vid 1 ——————————— nothing in this tutorial is provided as legal evidence, it is provided for information purposes only

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45 thoughts on “DJ Scratching Tutorial on a Pioneer CDJ-1000 mk3, Vid 1”

  1. Thanks for these vids, I think I’ll get started with DJing as soon as I get some bloody money.

  2. not everybody has money for a Pioneer CDJ MK3, and no im not broke, im just happy with my Numark N4 🙂

  3. I would like three please 😀 They do rock a whole lot for CD players. Even if I move on to something like the 2000s I should still like to have my 1ks around. The really are very solid decks for the digi realm

  4. @ellaskins , you never did another tutorial on CDJ scratching, I checked your video’s for about 2 months past this one and you didn’t do any more 🙁 Could you please do one now on using the crossfader?

  5. Maybe because mk1 has some effects & talking about mk2 and mk3, mk2 has special quick return in jog mode and mk3 has hot cues,three tempo modes and touch brake/release feature but all the new models have them like dvj 1000 etc.  I own a mk3 and its quite handy because too much effects is a headache.

  6. the PLAY, CUE and JOG WHELL of the cdj400 will do the same thing as shown os this video… i tryed to do that on my 400 and it works as whell… but it’s a little bit dificult with a smaller jog

  7. Djm 900 nexus or djm 800 also some headphone make sure there over the ear and not on ear . Pioneer has a good set of headphones for about 150 or so

  8. you dont have to own good equipment to be a good dj. if you go play at a club, then they will provide you this equipment to play on. you just need a similar setup so that you can learn to use it.

  9. Am i allowed to say that mix was a little too hard @ 1:50? Just turn the bass down a little bit so the audience isnt blasted by this throbbing sound. Just an opinion but u know im trying 2 help @ the same time

  10. i dont like the cdj’s 1000 i like the denon dns 5000..this is my opinion so dont hate on me…good mix

  11. nice mix… im looking at getting the same setup. 2 cdj 1000’s and a djm 800 mixer (if thats what you have) any idea on what i should be paying for this package? cheers

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