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LA DJ, Kazell, walks us through all the features of the Pioneer CDJ-200, a fantastic tool for DJ’s. This episode is from the title “DJ Equipment Basics”. For these and other titles, please visit us at
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15 thoughts on “DJ CD Player – Pioneer CDJ-200 – Global Sound”

  1. My question is: has the same sound card? cdj 200 / cdj 800 /  cdj 1000 has the same sound card?

  2. These were prob cool wen they came out but why there are like £450 in 2012 when better CDJ’s are now out?

  3. I like how i asked the question 2 years ago and ppl are still replying llike i didnt read the first 15 comments and haven’t djed a ton of parties since when i asked it.

  4. TheOfficialWarpath

    i like how people only care about scratching. it’s the mix that really matters, if you wanna scatrch, get some technics

  5. Lol. WTF is audiofony, Pioneer will continue to make the best and most expensive CDJs. Pioneer = Best for CDJ, Technics = Best for vinyl.

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