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Dj burzhuy present tips & tricks with connection and using pioneer efx 1000 & djm 600 to get new effects. Video with english subtitles you can find at DJSOUNDS.COM

DOWNLOAD THIS MIX FOR FREE @ 3 Deck – 8 Track – Dubstep Mix for the Pioneer BPM Awards 2010 by DJ TSR Please rate, comment, Subscribe and let me know what you think. Download this mix free from the link below: Track List: 1. Bassnectar – DP (REMIX) 2. Doctor P – Sweet Shop 3. The Neptune Project – Aztec (Marlow Remix) 4. Ruckus and Roke – Spectrum 5. Cookie Monsta – Ginger Pubes 6. Marlow – Tremor 7. Spor – Knock You Down (Eskmo Remix) 8. Goli and Ashburner – Renegade Master 2010 Remix Equipment: PIONEER DJM 600 mixer Technic 1210 mk5 x2 Technic 1210 mk 2 x1 Thanks for watching ps ITS ALL ABOUT THE VINYL

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33 thoughts on “DJ burzhuy tricks & Tips for Efx 1000 & DJM 600 – Global Sound”

  1. ..zburzhuy..are You Russian or Ukraine??..ahhh,no matter,i love Your musik…please come to Warsaw, cheers man.

  2. – I recorded the video on my phone and the sound on SoundForge 7 then used windows movie maker to put them together.

  3. you should use a sampler too, like a kp3 or something. just to tap shit or vfc ur mixes. dope shit though man, that sweetshop drop was brutal! keep it up homie

  4. Not being a dubstep man this is still a sweet mix. Reckon it’ll stand you in good stead. Levels sounded fine to me and not sure why you’d want constant bassline……? All personal preference and everythign is subjective I guess. Keep it up mate.

  5. levels are off…spend more time w ur mixer and learn to keep the bassline constant and dont break for more than 4 measures

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