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9 thoughts on “Desolation Sound Cruising Experience – Global Sound”

  1. yess i already subscribed to your channel and I meditate putting my headphones on and just forgetting about the troubles of life. I don’t have the luck to go at the beach during summer but these help me relax my mind and think positively. 😀 You did a great job. Peace 😀

  2. 1:34 – I spread my father’s ashes on this beach – San Gregorio beach – the first beach you see from La Honda (famous motorcycle ride to the coast in Nor Cal). I use to fly RC gliders off this cliff in high school with my Dad. Lots of great memories. (Miss you Dad) Enjoy!

  3. Wow, thank you… we have 12 hours of waves for you. I’m glad we changed our keywords to find our audience like you. Congrats… relax now, sub, enjoy.

  4. these videos help me concentrate on my meditation easier, and I get sooo relaxed and calm my heart! thank you!

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  6. STUDY on the BEACH Virtually. 😎 Relaxing ocean sounds for studying and a restful sleep. SUB for more.

  7. A++ you sold me on this one I would chose this as my number 1 out of all of them I like how the waves are big heavy waves not so quiet and calm this is so me at least I get to watch it here I so wish I could buy it though… 6:05 to 6:12 awsome scene 7:42 to 11:09 another awsome scene the bridge with the water is really beond beautiful then we get to 15:40 to19:30 amazing this whole video is fantastic the sound it great as well beautiful sound! =)

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