Demo Pioneer DJM 800 part 2

Demo de la nouvelle table de mixage de pioneer (part 2)
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25 thoughts on “Demo Pioneer DJM 800 part 2”

  1. alright so my question is this … on this mixer… where ur controlling the filter… those nobs and how ur using em … it works the same for each channel … and u can use em all at the same time (somewhat like the xone 92) ?

  2. Im so excited i get to use this mixer for a competition coming up 🙂 This helps ALOT because i’ve never used a pioneer mixer EVER. i can’t wait to apply these effects to my mix.

  3. well: it has a sound output of 24bit, 96KiloHertz if you don’t think that is good enough you will have to invent a better option wich is not possible as far as i know:p so i would say it is quite good (if you link it to a quality PA mixer and then to your speakers sound quality SEEMS to be even better tough

  4. ive read a comment that the sound quality/build quality isnt that great givin the £1500 price tag, what do u think??

  5. I saw this new one Dj, he is just incredible and gives everyday new hot house music mixes !! I think he will easily replace all those weak ass Dj (like David Guetta, Bob Sinclar, Roger Sanchez, Martin Solveig) because he got mad skills!!

    Go see on Google ANDREAS VAN MELDA on djpod podcast !!

    And enjoy

  6. im sooo getting that set at the end of the summer ! working my ass off to get it ! soon my friends soon!

  7. are these abletons effects just being controlled by the mixer? or are they preset effects on the mixer itself?

  8. i want some help on this …
    if i have a track on a channel & i want to switch another track on anoher chaNNEL i just move the vol. of any channel up only ??

  9. What the hell, calling this crap :S

    Dude this is the best damn piece of dj equipment at this moment!

  10. Yes man, you’re fuckin right…
    I think its better to get an effects console apart, no need to buy this crap XD

  11. These effects are nothing special to be honest. The good effects are echo, what needs to be added is: ‘Doppler Shifter, Multitap Delay’ it also needs a live Parametric Equalizer & a live graphical Pitch Bender –
    Thats the real shit

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