dbx DriveRack-PA EQ & Loudspeaker Control System

dbx DriveRack-PA EQ & Loudspeaker Control System

See the dbx DriveRack-PA in action. This video was taken at the PSSL.com offices with an in-depth demonstration by Brian Chan from Sound Marketing West.
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24 thoughts on “dbx DriveRack-PA EQ & Loudspeaker Control System”

  1. TheBDSEntertainment

    seems to me personally putting all that into such a little space makes it really difficult to make on the fly adjustments . with individual components its easy to look at it, make the adjustment and move on, it seems to me it would be an epic challenge to set everything up correctly and god if it fails your totally screwed. its all personal preference.

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  3. these things are junk…try the “limiter” on the crossover output….it clips when it comes on unless you go to page 2 and turn off the peak limit function…what a dopey design putting a known distorting device in the main signal chain…if you dont believe me try it with just a vocal mic on the limiter to the mid highs…great a limiter that distorts the entire PA at normal levels…nice one DBX

  4. Hi there.
    I have a DBS driverack which has only been used once or twice and has mostly been turned off and not even patched.
    Today I plugged it in to use it and the blue display screen is just blank, no numbers or letters showing on the screen at all, just a blue blank screen. Im really hoping this unit has not died because it has never really been used. PLEASE HELP. Hopefully I will get some good news back

  5. The KW181 does have a high quality internal crossover, just add a full range signal and it will automatically apply a 100hz filter too it, no need to add anything but full range audio and let the magic of technology do the rest 😉

  6. pumpitentertainment

    I have the QSC KW181 that does not have a built in cross over , would this unit be suitable then for me >?

  7. Hello, YES it works with amplified speakers…. I’ve use it all December every Saturday I had a gig even chistmas eve and work perfect with my mackies, I have the sr450 highs and swa1501 subs and it helps a lot on the bass……I did consult with a Sam Ash pro audio expert and he was a lot of help…..

  8. Hi did you get help with this issue because I need to know the same thing but I haven’t found help yet, please let me know..

  9. hi ryan, can you please send me the catalog from dbx driverack-PA EQ and loudspeaker control system and all about the drive rock, dbx, dbx equlaser PROSISURE DOL BAND, COMSISURE LAMter dbx tc eletonic, compresore limeter dvx,epix miking epix,cbj player us audeo,cbj paoiner,cbj benon, bj mixer neu mark, brand eb electroboys, jbl,crown power amplifier 5000vz 3600 vz 2400vz/ soundcrarft live4 32 channel, prosisurekrusover, drive rack bbx, mikecropohne/ sure sm 58/ sure veta 57+ veta 58/d

  10. Hi
    I have a Senhiezer wireless G2 mic whenever I use it with this dbx I got big humming i did change the frequency of the mic it did not help that much can you help? thanks

  11. Hello, I have 2 sets of systems, I have active and passive, could you use this dbx pa with active, I know there’s a dbx for active speakers but I already own a dbx pa….thanks.

  12. jjustinlee22aolcom

    ya how much does it cost to ship it out by UPS to up state new york
    An what mic will it help Like my RE20 is that a good mic to work with this or no ?
    could I talk with some one @PSSL about this to get ? an find about because I buy a dj system that you helped me put together back in 2004 in october an was wondering if I should buy this for my dj system. so please feel free to hook me up (ASAP).

  13. I like the presentation, but the camera shake is really annoying. If you are going to make more videos, please use a tripod.

  14. is it really such a good idea to have a prime competitor (Behringer DCX2496) right underneath the one they are trying to promote? Driverack is pretty good, reliability is a problem though, used them quite a bit and had problems. The Behringer is better in my books, same sound, more robust and lot less fragile. And it’s cheap!

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