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Dbx 223 Crossover Demo: Bill Holland In His First Crossover Hit Video

You may think of Bill Holland as an electro-DJ kinda guy, but did you know that he dabbles in live sound as well? It’s true! Watch this demo of the Dbx 223 crossover; any DJ worth her or his salt should know what a crossover is, and how it can affect your sound. Also: educate yourself about sodium.
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28 thoughts on “Dbx 223 Crossover Demo: Bill Holland In His First Crossover Hit Video – Global Sound”

  1. this is for when your dealing with serious sound in a serious space? so tell me, you have 2 passive speakers a passive sub and amps to power both… what happens when you feed a 1000 watt sub a full range signal? crazyness…

  2. and is this passive or active xover?actually i want to low med how can i set up that for ex. i have low,medhigh and high and i want to usefor low med?how can i connect that?

  3. yea this sucks for some one that does not know about cross over points. It is kind of setting them up for failure if your telling them to just turn the knobs until it sounds good.. this setup does not make a lot of sense as well? why would you use a cross over and then run it into a powered mixer? P.S do not ever let a DJ touch your audio equipment!! they blow subs all the time, because they don’t under stand what a cross over is doing!!! “hmm.. low knob.. that needs to get turned up!” idiots..

  4. a dud how many cables im going to need i got two peavy 2 15 inch 2 way with a 1600×2 amp main speakers two jbl monitors and 2 18’inch sub with a 2300 watts amp i got a makie mixer with a prosecor and a equalizer and it sounds great but i got this dbx crossover just laying around and i dont no wat to do with it

  5. Theplasticbagtrick

    this video is retarded… for someone trying to learn about crossovers … this will teach you nothing…. “look i turn this know and it does this to my voice”
    wtf does that have to do with bi amping and routing and to subs!!! grrr

  6. thank you very much..i shall experiment with the parameters…but fuck ima need a lot more XLR cables lol

  7. ye u can and u should… u can use filters in your system if u have them or u can turn off all filters and use active xover… sound source —> xover —-> sub and mid/hi range amped drivers

  8. i have two qsc hrpi 3 way powered speakers and 1 b52 18 inch active sub…also powered…along with my JBL Eon G3 515 powered…so my whole system is powered…my question is can u use a crossover with a self amped system…and yes i already have a cross over but dont know how to use it well

  9. I have a DBX, and it works great. :] the only problem I have with it is that the battery holder is a BITCH to put back in! :[

  10. I’m having problem with the tuning, i can hear the RPM on Idle changing all the time, what can be wrong? Maybe i should adjust the HSN so it will give more fuel??? Cause RMP are increasing, then i open the Idle screw and after few sec’s engine goes off

  11. This rc car can breaks easy and hard to start LOL i bought a kyosho short ago .and my 2 hpi cars i can start relatively easy only mt2 bit hard

  12. is this rc car good? because i am going to buy won but it’s a use one,  the girl seed that see only have been driving it for about 10 times

  13. aye man dont go out in frosty or snow conditions i eff’d mine but apart from that its all good till u hit a poley a full speed hahahahahaha

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