dbx 166XL Dual Compressor Limiter Gate

dbx 166XL Dual Compressor Limiter Gate

The dbx 166XL Dual Compressor Limiter Gate at Front End Audio. For more info visit www.frontendaudio.com The dbx 166XL provides 2 channels of noise gating, OverEasy or classic hard knee compression and PeakStop limiting to give complete control of signal dynamics to studios, sound reinforcement companies, musicians, or anyone who needs quality processing quickly and easily. We recommend that you take a moment and read through the manual as it provides information that will assist you in using your unit to its fullest potential.

Dbx - electric shock

TRACK: Electric Shock ARTIST: Dan Bell (aka) DB-X THE NEW DANCE SHOW Detroit, MI
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Thanks, now another record to add to my vinyl hunt.
    Ohh snap! What’s going on here? Back before this, they used to cut off anybody that starting jittin. Now they letting them make it down the line. About dam time!

  2. it’s “Detroit” in the late 80’s early 90’s. I wish it could be this awesome now too. I didn’t realize until I moved away how exactly rare and precious this time was there. I watched this show after school when I was young and seriously thought everyone in America was listening to music like this and dancing like this. I came out to Cali dancing like that to techno and people were like, WTF? HAHA.

  3. Simply Fantastic! People loving their music, loving their dancing and causing nobody any harm or trouble. Brilliant! Brilliant! Brilliant!

  4. Late night Album 88 WRAS Atlanta Ga Back in the day Nighttrax…. All nght long. till the break of dawn.. Keep it comin that I like….B

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