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dbx 165a tour

This video was a chance to play with the video camera and try out another compressor. I really like this one- possibly my favorite lead vocal compressor for mixdown.
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  1. i just got 2 165a for 1000$ in toronto canada, they came with the link cable to connect them stereo also, i own a 4500$ tube tech comp also and i can tell you i like the dbx 165a just has much if not more.

  2. You’re correct, I was not using the terms to describe topology so much as to group them into time periods. First came the tube era (Gates, Western Electric, Fairchild, LA2A, etc), , then the discrete transistor era (1176, API 525, Neve 2254).

  3. “Tube or transistor” is not a meaningful comparison to a VCA module for gain control. By “tube” I assume you mean variable-mu, and by transistor, are you speaking specifically of field-effect transistor compressors like the UA 1176? Also, many of the earlier designs used optical gain control elements, like the UA LA-2A and LA-3A.

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