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So i thought that the tuning of my guitar in my most popular song (Dash’s Empty Sky) didn’t do you bronies enough justice. So I went back, edited and even rerecorded a couple parts where i couldn’t digitally tune the guitar. Eeyup there are still some mistakes you can hear, but meh. Lyrics and vocals still coming soon, I’m just waiting on DirtyBitterSweet to finish the artwork. Once again, amazing image credit goes to Esuka esuka.deviantart.com **MP3 DOWNLOAD** tindeck.com Tumblr: derpidety.tumblr.com Here are the chords/lyrics: cl.ly

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21 thoughts on “Dash’s Empty Sky (Fine Tuned Edition) – Global Sound”

  1. I don’t know why but I feel like parts of this song could be used in a commercial for facebook

  2. Here I’ve been a brony for going on six months…nearly a thousand pony-related songs on my iPod…and I’m still finding amazing new musicians. How have I not heard this till now? What road of folly have I been walking down?!

  3. @derpidety: This song is intensely beautiful; and I have to thank you for it in more ways than one. You see, it was instrumental in the creation of one of the best pieces of writing I think I have ever produced. It did not provide complete inspiration, but the feelings it caused in me were fundamental to the tone and mood of the story; and without this song, I could not have completed it.

    I thought I should tell you, if only to say thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

  4. dropkickproductiontx

    My god that is beautiful. It takes a lot for tears to come to my eyes, but I shed a tear. Good job sir, I hope you continue to make music 🙂

  5. What a great comment. That’s exactly how i feel about this song. I’ll write more soon about how this masterpiece makes me feel but now i’m a bit off 🙂 Nice to see someone feels the same.

  6. I have found songs that make me sad, make me happy, among other things. I have never quite found a song that literally makes me feel pure… peace. Like laying on a cloud in a world filled with overwhelming kindness and affection, next to your closest friends whether they be human or pony. This song has brought me something that I believe nothing else could.

  7. hey hey hey hey….. WoodenToaster is amazing. A true music lover appreciates all kinds of music, from screamo to rap and from techno/dubstep to rock. All music genres are epic in their own way.

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