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Check out my new amps I picked up in NYC! Crown XTi 2000 Crown XTi 4000 These amps have DSP which allows for crossover points (both hi pass and low pass), Limiters, EQ, etc. Also, we have a look at System Architect, a computer program which allows us to do custom adjustments to our amp Enjoy!

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  1. Wow under 1,700 pounds I’ve been looking for one in the weight range so i don’t have to keep bring out the crane to move it. 😀 <3

  2. Hi I got the xti 4002 whenever i plug it on the wall outlet it spark is this normal does it work on 240 voltages?

  3. Ok I got crown xti2000 I use with cervin vegas do I have to chaing. Any settyng if have crossover 500w peak 1000

  4. Hey Brian, I have a question,,What do I need to set my xti 2000 to just using  2 EV eliminator 2 15s and horn.

  5. so i have a question and i need help asap i already have 2 crown amps and i run 4 speakers about 5000 watts and i want to get a 18in sub how would i route all 3 amps together?

  6. I picked up 2 jbl prx635’s self powered speakers and I have an xti 2000 running 2 12″ sub’s with tag mclaren pre amp and all i can say is GULP :))

  7. hi pls what did u thing about xti6002 & how they sand. and what is the name of your mixer u using

  8. @mastermaybe
    The name of the video is Crown XTi Amplifiers & System Architect
    Cut and paste from above. This is the PRO amp that we are talking about as it relates to this video. Here is the specs right off the box of the Crown 2000 xti. 475W per channel @ 8 ohms, 800W per channel @ 4 ohms, and 1000W at per channel @ 2 ohms. How is that for free lunch.

  9. @arfawcett2

    ummmm, I am not, nor should anyone else be “confused”. Perhaps a bit of reading comprehension would serve you well. Where did I ever say the array was wired in “parallel”. Oh that’s right, I didn’t. I was speaking of course of running them in a series and my contention of course holds.

    As far as SPL, there is no free lunch, you’re halving current or loudspeakers. Game over.
    Re: not using a pro amp to connect multiple speakers: Jesus you don’t believe this, do you?

  10. Maybe not..
    You would not add the resistances if in parallel. you would halve it. Two 8 ohm speakers in parallel is 4 ohms. The rail voltage of the amp is fixed but the current it is capable of delivering is not. So the lower ohm load would pull twice the current and the amp would deliver twice the wattage. Also you would never connect the multiple speakers in series to a pro amp unless YOU are just confused or want to confuse others.

  11. I am a beginner and I don’t understand it very good but hope you can help me in a little situation,, I have 2 speakers each 500 watt, What amplifier should I take? Is it good 1000watt amplifier? if I decide latter to take 2 other 500 watt speakers can I connect them to the same amplifier? Answer please!

  12. it depends on the impedance of the speakers 8ohms runs 650 watts while 4ohms runs at a higher wattage

  13. hey brian i have 2 xti 4000 but i want 2 bridge mono them both but i dont know how can u help me

  14. hey brian i also have 2 xti 4000 but i want 2 bridge mono them both so i can get more power out of them but i dont know how to do that can u help me

  15. What’s the Amplifier XTi series which recommended to play two subs with 1200 rms each, 2400 rms for the two, in bridge mode. Xti 4000 ou xti 6000

  16. Great job explaining great test skill and great energy just got ahold of a xti2000 I’m loving it for $250 new I’m siked.

  17. I understand your weight reduction, but running multiple loupseakers on a given channel to increase resistance (and thus, power) really doesn’t increase SPL, as you’re then dividing the current between 2 or more loudspeakers.

    But, you DO get to provide a wider sound array, and have a small increase in SPL due top multiple dirvers…epsecially if co-located.

    I’m sure you know this, just don’t want to confuse others.

    thanks for the vid!

  18. Hello, i hope you can help me with the crossover set up on this amp. I usually use mi hi/mids through Channel 1 and bass through channel 2. i am trying to keep this set but i want, at the same time, use the crossover on the amp but when do this the amp starts shooting the whole range through one channel and thats not what i am looking for. If you could help me out that would be great. thanx

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