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This is a review of the Crown XTi 1002 power amp.Sorry about the focus problem.
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This is a sneak peak at what i have up my sleeve. You will see as the next month goes by exactly what i do with all this – and theres a lot more to show. I will update as the parts come in and the progress gets started! Oh in the video i called them 6.5’s when they are Technically 7’s. I dont think either is wrong i just didnt wanna short change myself because they do measure 7″ total. Imagine what 16 of these will do………subscribe and find out!

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14 thoughts on “CROWN XTi 1002 AMP REVIEW – Global Sound”

  1. i use the crown xti ll 2002 for my frt mains (cerwin vega xls 215’s) i use a crown xti ll (6002) to drive dual 18’s subs in front. home theater setup, anthem avm 30, anthem mca 50 for center,sides and rear, the 2002 crown cost 700.00 and it does better than my old parasound 1800.00 dollar amp ever did

  2. I think the sub can be turned on and off in a menu,check your manual.I have a Denon AVR-989 and a Samson “S-CONVERTER”.However the Samson is no longer being made.

  3. hm, i dont know for sure but didnt u used these ones for the towers that looked a bit like fireplaces xd

  4. y u keep talkin bout offendin ppl by openin boxes, is dat a secret code, pls tell me ppl dont really be offended

  5. btw. where can i order those ? ive been looking for a while now but i cant find any store near Germany, or even a website shipping there. Could you tell me where you got yours ?

  6. Hey Steve i decided to buy a couple of new mids and highs… can u please link me where to buy those ? Thanks m8

  7. Can you tell me where you got these? I can’t find them on the AA site. Maybe I’m blind… I don’t know.

  8. Where can i buy the ascendant audio speakers if they dont sell them on their website? Could you lead me to a dealer please. Thankyou

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