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Crown I-Tech Series amplifier is dropped from various heights and keeps playing.
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  2. 5 years ago I dropped my Carvin DCM2000 10Feet down from concrete stairs - went back to my rehearsal room right away, plugged in and like nothing was happened at all, except scratches on the paint and bend of the crack mount corner. Using Carvin Pro-Audio products sense an I’m very happy with their quality…

  3. @Kristin61082
    Ya checked the pink noise generator and it was off.
    Would you believe, the noise has gone now for the last 40 minutes or so.
    Read another forum that it may be something to do with the ribbon kits in them.
    I wonder could it be an earth issue either in the amp itself or on the 13amp plug that im drawing off.
    Must get my multimeter.
    thanks for your reply Kristin

  4. The ITech has a pink noise generator so make sure that is turned off and not on passing in one channel. The other possibility is cables as early models had cables that could cause similar noises. Contact your distributor to have it checked out.

  5. One of my Crown Itech 6000 has a noise issue on one channel.
    Has anybody come across this.
    Iv plugged out everything except the 2 speakers and still get a Pink noise kinda sound coming through on one channel.
    So it has to be something going on within the amp.
    Any help with this would be much appreciated

  6. dokorfeelgood
    I did some carpentry work once for a Crown engineer and he told me that the last test they give a Crown amp before it gets stamped for approval was they would run the outputs into a direct short at maximum gain for an hour and if it didn’t break, they’d ship it. He said he never saw one break. )-(

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