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Celebrating 65 years of innovative, world-class amplifier technology!

XTi-Series amplifiers feature an LCD screen with speaker presets for crossover frequen- cies, EQ, limiting, delay, and a subharmonic synthesizer. Other features include a switch- mode universal power supply, useful function indicators, proportional-speed fan-assisted cooling, XLR inputs, Speakon® and bind- ing-post outputs, short-circuit protection and more. XTi 1000: 30.5 dB XTi 2000: 32.9 dB XTi 4000: 34.2 dB XTi 6000: 37.1 dB Audiosavings
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3 thoughts on “Crown Audio 65th Anniversary (HD) – Global Sound”

  1. The only amp on the market I would have taken over a Crown back in the 70’s was a Mac. The problem with Macs were that you cold by 2 Crowns for the price of 1 Mac. It almost sounds like the other macs. I can buy 2-3 state of the art Windows Laptop for the price of the bottom of the line Macbook. However i would still by a Mac amp over a mac computer. LOL

  2. I bought a Crown SX 724 Reel to Reel tape recorder in 1975, this thing won’t quit. Still records and plays like new, have to replace the drive belt & and an cleaning keeps it going. Also got several Crown D-75’s, old Com-tech’s Xti’s and others working every day. Had a few problem with the XTI’s but Crown made good on that. Good Stuff…

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