Crown Amps Failing… (Not exciting unless you appreciate this… :P )

Effects of seabreeze, heat, and crappy power in Jaco Beach, Costa Rica on Crown Amps…
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  1. nothing wrong with Behringer amps its just the dicks that thrash them ..get a bigger amp than you need and let it tick over ..far safer and better sound all round ..

  2. I agree, I use to sell Behringer amps and 75% of the time they came back with significant issues.  I only use Crowns and QSC.

  3. FussyEntertainment

    Behringer amps sound like $h!t. Only thing I own Behringer is a crossover and I do plan on replacing that with DBX. And Behringer amps do go down. A friend of mine fried the one pushing his Peavey dual 18’s and it made a 40ft.x144ft. building smell. It also took out all 4 subs. I also know he had one fail before this one. I think you are the only one that would use the words Behringer and BMW in the same sentence.

  4. I do a lot of reading about different amplifiers and own a few myself including GX5, RMX2450 and iTech 8000. This was painful to watch.

    Frankly when it comes to reliability, I don’t think anyone beats QSC and I really wish they would start making DSP amps like the iTech series. I don’t know when the XTi debuted, but I did hear both the XTi and iTech had problems when first released. Crown of course fixed these problems and very few with those initial problems are out there still.

  5. i wouldn’t think so. i run my 4 ohm stable bridged xls 1000 at 2 ohms bridged all day and it doesn’t do that

  6. So send them in and get them fixed. I have yet to see any brand of power amp not fail…except Behringer! The Chinese built BMW of audio!

  7. look at the condition of those amps,would anyone expect them to be working properly?come on man,Crown makes some really fab products.One of the best on the market,CROWN.

  8. hehe, well, this never happened to my XTi.

    It’s good to know that this happpened -just as always- by use of an un-authorised person with lack of knowledge. You’ve gotta treat your equipment well, no matter what brand or model it is.

  9. Switched mode power supply amplifiers fail more than the old toroid linear transformer amplifiers ever did.

  10. xti”s are known to have there faults, i love the itech”s you vcan hammer them, and check out the drop test here on you tube!!

  11. wow. i have used and abuse crown amps and never fail or turn off, from my Power base 1 to my itechs. I been djing for over 16yrs and i had other brands failing or just going in to protection wich is normal but these crowns are bulled proof. i had wet them too and they keep bumping strong…(i let my rack dry before anything)
    thast just too bad 🙁

  12. . si igual que los power Peavey y QSC..pero guardando su control de calidad. pero me gusta mas Crown

  13. I have an original DC300A from 35 years ago…and it still puts it out!!! Made in Elkhart for all the ages…

  14. Unfortunately It is Made in China. i was surprised when i purchased one about a week ago and in the back instead of having the American Flag. it says Made In China.. 🙁

  15. They are not made in china they are made in Elkhart Indiana. Almost all of Harmon Pros Products are made in the U.S.A

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